Monday, 8 February 2010

Happy 2010 Blogren

Been a while, think I may have forgotten how to do this. I have written a few posts over the past year but my Internet was never fast enough to post them and now they don't seem relevant. I suppose you want a quick snap-shot of my past year?

Rescued an abandoned puppy, called him Jinx.
Completed a semester of university via correspondence.
Adopted a Siamese cat who came begging, called her Catkin. Unfortunately she was poisoned by the land-lady, ie. The Gorgon.
Re-Evaluated evolution standing.
Quit university.
Adopted another cat, whom Catkin had brought over for a visit, called her Lemon.
Chose schools for future children.
Re-Evaluated religious standing.
Rescued three orphaned kittens, called them Haskell, George Small-Talk and Ruby.
Re-Evaluated vaccine standing.
Lemon brought her four kittens to stay, called them Grumpy, Scaredy Cat, Stocking-Tops and Goldfish.
Re-Evaluated political standing.
Gave George Small-Talk and Ruby away to live on a farm and grow fat on milk and rats.
Re-Evaluated child-birth and maternal care standing.Re-Evaluated Global Warming standing.
Fed the neighbours dog when he comes visiting, called him Freddie.

I think that's about it.

PS. Congratulations to Chanel for producing two of the best looking babies I think I've ever seen!