Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Haskell, K'naan and Friday Thirteen

I basically hate hip-hop, rap and anything remotely like it, so the fact that I'm about to say this is surprising me...

K'naan absolutely rules!

In other news our land-lady, 'The Gorgon', killed our Haskell with cyanide tilapia. I can't wait to move out of this place and take all the cats with us, so they'll be safe from the nasty cow. It was pretty horrible, we ended up having to snap his neck with a large, empty Ribena bottle. On the bright side, if I ever find myself in a situation in which a mercy blow is needed at least I know how to do it now. We threw his body in the lake and said a few words, that would have been about 4:12 am on Thursday 11th. I like to think of him travelling the skies with The 10th Doctor, the Tardis always needed a cat.

On Friday we found a teeny kitten and brought it home, his name is Friday Thirteen, personally I think he looks like a wolf-vampire.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Happy 2010 Blogren

Been a while, think I may have forgotten how to do this. I have written a few posts over the past year but my Internet was never fast enough to post them and now they don't seem relevant. I suppose you want a quick snap-shot of my past year?

Rescued an abandoned puppy, called him Jinx.
Completed a semester of university via correspondence.
Adopted a Siamese cat who came begging, called her Catkin. Unfortunately she was poisoned by the land-lady, ie. The Gorgon.
Re-Evaluated evolution standing.
Quit university.
Adopted another cat, whom Catkin had brought over for a visit, called her Lemon.
Chose schools for future children.
Re-Evaluated religious standing.
Rescued three orphaned kittens, called them Haskell, George Small-Talk and Ruby.
Re-Evaluated vaccine standing.
Lemon brought her four kittens to stay, called them Grumpy, Scaredy Cat, Stocking-Tops and Goldfish.
Re-Evaluated political standing.
Gave George Small-Talk and Ruby away to live on a farm and grow fat on milk and rats.
Re-Evaluated child-birth and maternal care standing.Re-Evaluated Global Warming standing.
Fed the neighbours dog when he comes visiting, called him Freddie.

I think that's about it.

PS. Congratulations to Chanel for producing two of the best looking babies I think I've ever seen!