Sunday, 27 January 2008

Well, well, well. Wellity,wellity, wellity. And how are you there my dear blog? DeTamble here, and introducing the main company for 2008 we have, The Doctor (Doctor Who), Ginger, Amby, Bee and Danoz Direct. Did you guess that they were all pseudonyms? I hope you did, otherwise, well, I wonder what it says about you...

From New Years until now there contained a great deal of partying, softcore drugs, hardcore booze and an unwise amount of time spent at work barely able to function suffering from hideous hangovers and mild hallucinations. Luckily for us, the customers all felt the same way.

I didn't celebrate Christmas this year, it was brilliant. No deluded religions or a fat man with an obvious eating disorder. No billionzillion extra calories or false gratitude for yet another awful present. I had the best Christmas of my life.

Plans for the year ahead? I've changed my University course to International Relations and I'm so interested I've already started reading the "suggested" extra reading. I know, it's disgusting! How can I live with myself knowing I'm wasting valuable holiday time studying?? Not only that but studying something that isn't even required. It's despicable. Someone should slap me back into line!! The Doctor and Danoz are going to Ireland to visit their mates. I must say I'm a little jealous, I would also like to be going to Ireland. In fact I was supposed to be going to Adelaide in March for WOMAD but I wont be able to make it, partly because the time clashes with Uni and partly because I'm as stingy as a rock and refuse to part with my money. Except on the obvious exception of a random Ugandan kid. Yeah, you read right folks, I'm sponsoring a baby Ugandan goat...I just want it for its kid gloves.


  1. You'll have to be a little more specific. Which bit is the mean part? The kid gloves?

  2. My God 31337!! How? How?! HOW?!?!? How did you know there was a comment here? What the hell!! Hooooowwwwwww?
    Are you that bored that you've been traipsing amongst my posts and staring eagerly at the comments?

    @Anon: Where for art thou? I want to know which bit was mean so I know what to apologise for (or edit).

  3. i have ways luv. see how i have seen this one too?