Saturday, 6 June 2009

Fuck Off Facebook!

Hello Everyone,

Long time, no see.

Not much news. I'm still in good ol' Ugg Land.

I've decided to leave Facebook. If you want to talk to me from outside it feel free to ask for my email in the comments. I wish I'd never signed up in the first place, it always felt wrong.

For some strange reason this is not letting me URL things but here is a nice link anyway:

In fact, two nice links:


I just wanted to mention this in response to Antipoptart whose blog is not letting me comment....silly thing.

"Well, if Ugandan children weren't taught to speak English in school by teachers with obvious speech defects from birth it wouldn't be a problem"




  1. socks mortals...never been a fan myself..done enough Facebook bashing

  2. Hi,

    Ugg boots?? :-)

    Chilling article, VERY chilling! Glad I have never been part of it.

    "... you can publish to the world your every passing thought on Twitter, sneer at MPs on Blogger, display your life on Facebook, sell and bid for goods on eBay
    There are no new worlds. THERE IS ONLY THIS ONE."

  3. btw,welcome thru...Damn facebook!!this im saving...

  4. glad to know you still are living and breathing.

    now, could someone please lynch this woman? oh, please?

  5. i have read your post dear friend. i have understood your message; and now i must begin my disengagement process from face book. slowly, casually.

  6. You were on Facebook and you didn't become my friend? What on earth did I ever do to you to make you despise me so deeply?

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  8. So, why are you back on Facebook now?