Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Haskell, K'naan and Friday Thirteen

I basically hate hip-hop, rap and anything remotely like it, so the fact that I'm about to say this is surprising me...

K'naan absolutely rules!

In other news our land-lady, 'The Gorgon', killed our Haskell with cyanide tilapia. I can't wait to move out of this place and take all the cats with us, so they'll be safe from the nasty cow. It was pretty horrible, we ended up having to snap his neck with a large, empty Ribena bottle. On the bright side, if I ever find myself in a situation in which a mercy blow is needed at least I know how to do it now. We threw his body in the lake and said a few words, that would have been about 4:12 am on Thursday 11th. I like to think of him travelling the skies with The 10th Doctor, the Tardis always needed a cat.

On Friday we found a teeny kitten and brought it home, his name is Friday Thirteen, personally I think he looks like a wolf-vampire.


  1. I don't think I'd be bale to give a mercy blow... how horrible! And you're right - the Tardis does need a cat. Bon Voyage Haskell.


    I read about Haskell over at Rev's. Didn't know it was a murder though. Sowi. :(

    Welcome back, sis.

    Did Rev do the picture up top?

    I love the footer. :D

  3. @petesmama: Yep, it was pretty frickin' sucky to do it, I'm hoping it never comes up again in my life. Though perhaps I should start carrying around some sort of collapsible, heavy metal hammer around with me, just in case, one can't always rely on an empty Ribena bottle being available.

    @Princess: Why hello there Sis! Nice to see you again! I hope she gets what's coming to her, that cow and her poison. She even whacks off snails from the wall and stomps on them, she's completely demented! Imagine actively wanting to kill something has harmless as a snail!

    The person who drew that picture is called Alessandra Sunk, I found it because it was part of the Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. I also think the picture on my Profile is by Alessandra Sunk too, thought not one-hundred percent sure on that.

    (And yes, I think Internet acronyms are complete rot but I do use them from time to time. Yes, I am a complete hypocrite, I know.)

  4. Well, where is the next post then?

  5. What time-zone is your blog in? It most certainly is NOT Monday yet (not in Uganda at least).

  6. Maybe you outta try that mercy blow on blogcks...

  7. auch ! with a what?!ribena bottle?

  8. love the name "friday thirteen."

  9. K'naan does rule... +, he's the hottest Somali male on god's not-so-green earth (n i've seen maaaany, so i know what i'm tawkin bout)...

  10. Hello little piggie
    I am reading your blogs and it is taking me a long time. so now i am only reading the ones that have at least 5 comments
    I have missed you kitten and you need to come back to Australia!

  11. How did I miss this post?!
    Interesting differences in descriptions - 'resorted to mechanical means of making his death quick. I clobbered him on the back of the head, to snap the (link with the) medulla oblongata and bring the vital processes to a quick halt...' Vs. 'we ended up having to snap his neck with a large, empty Ribena bottle.'

    'threw his body in the lake' Vs. 'We walked over to the lake with his body in the t-shirt that he was placed on the day he arrived, and let the water be his last home'

    All the same, RIP Haskell.

    AWESOME PIC up top!!!

  12. The really funny part is.....They can't shoot themselves alive after They are dead.