Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Grotty Old Men

Did I tell you about the old dude called Joe who's like 180 who stood in front of my register for ages holding up the line. He was all hunched over shorter then I am and let me tell you now that IS short! Yellowed with age and tobacco and had the most disgusting teeth ever and stains on his shirt and he smelled icky. Guess what he wanted? Me. To go over to his house when is wife isn't there so that he can have sex with me, he even gave me his address and phone number. Ewwww. You're like older then my great grandfather, as if I'm going to sleep with you. Not to mention the obvious fact that you're gross, sleazy and obviously the biggest idiot in the world. And after he had finally gone the customer next to him was like "aww that's so cute he must be lonely." NO THAT IS NOT CUTE!!!! THAT IS SICKENING!! And he comes from Nundah! OKay, so I don't actually know where that is but I do know it's about an hour away and what the fuck is he doing on my side of town anyway if he lives in Nundah??? Does he go around to all the supermarkets asking fit young girlies to let him screw them? He made me feel so dirty, I kind of wanted to puke. I hope he dies very, very soon. Yesterday would be good.

(EDIT - I forgot to mention he bought me chocolate, which made me feel really guilty and I tried to give it back to him but he wouldn't take it back. Grrrrrrrrrr. So I gave it to Ginger and she finished the entire massive block within an hour, that girl sure can eat. It wouldn't have taken me over a month to finish all that!)

This other dude gave me a flower, he was also old and he had no teeth either. But that was okay because he just gave it to me and walked off. He didn't hang around reiterating the sex point like some 1000year old viagraed up hobo paedophile

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  1. heheheeheh Know the feeling... it is almost a disgusting as when the local boys around here greet you and do the finger rub on your palm....eeeeooooowww!