Saturday, 11 October 2008

Heard of Hygiene?

Guess where I am...can you guess? Let me give you a hint, there are some fucking ugly birds flying overhead...


I'm not going to get sick of this place, even though there is some small spot of dirt on my skirt!! How dare this country dirty my clothes!!! Where's my bomb got to?!?!?! Other than that horrifically huge shortcoming this place is COOOOOL. I'm so never leaving...okay so I am at some point going to have to go home, you know what relatives can be like.

Overall impressions of Uganda: Freaking Motherfucking Awesome!! I'm becoming an illegal immigrant.

Whoever said this country is hot is fucking lying whore.

I'm racist. Every time I see another White person I get quite irritated, mainly because they're either all over 40 or fat, wobbly, sweat covered and bright red with dirty hair!!! You there, White person, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!! What kind of representation is that?? I'm ashamed to be associated with you people! Where the fuck is your hair brush? Shampoo? Conditioner? Sunscreen? Beetroot is only an acceptable shade when it's over 40c. And what the hell are you wearing? You would never be seen dead in those clothes back home!! Don't you understand that when you go overseas you are representing your country, culture and people? Don't shame me by going outside with three weeks of dirt caked to your hair! You disgust me! Stop wasting your money on those beggars and go buy some fucking soap!

I'm seeing Antipop this afternoon....I feel so honoured.


  1. Hygiene? N...o. High gene, I have heard. ("I'm always high; it runs in the familiy!") But not hygiene. :o)

    The prehistoric birds, marabou storks. If they didn't eat out of the trash, they'd be declared "majestic", "graceful", et cetera. And they would be on our coins, also. :o)

  2. naye 27th, technically those boots cannot be yours... so i will take them. sankyu...

    glad that you are liking this place. about the dirty white peeps, my sentiments exactly. its ashaming and pisses me off everytime i see one of them... keeping clean wouldn't hurt...

  3. So u really did go.


    I've really missed this Det...I hope u have a blast.

  4. Finally she resurrects!!

    And just a few meters from me!

    How cool is that?

    More, please...

  5. @Cheri: Don't worry, I'll still be here by the time you get back. Unless something weird happens, like a death back home or some shit. Don't forget the Dave DVD. I can't decide, should I go swimming in the Lake?

  6. Just who exactly made that last comment? :P

    Welcome home, sis! [don't anyone dare try to correct my tenses!]

    Phone number???

  7. Keep ya greasy hands off .....

  8. This is for rio rio

  9. interesting that you are presenting a view we have silently held...the levels of hygiene of visitors to uganda are appalling but perhaps you shouldnt be so hard on is supposed to be dirty and they are trying their best to blend in!
    But then I am sure in time you will find a younger more jovial sure if you try places like(ok wait this is 2 year old information): blue Mango, The Sheraton-Rhino Pub and Bubbles O'Leary you should have a fair starting point..have fun and do share some pics

  10. fuck the dirty white people.

    how did the meeting with my anitypop go?

  11. yeah yeah, i met DeTamble on saturde.
    About the dirt, dont worry. Simply
    enjoy the warmth of the Ugandan people especially the guys.
    Have yo'self a blast in our nice city of Kla.

  12. There you are! In all your feisty glory! Glad you are having fun.

  13. what!where!when!!? you're in Uganda? Good on you

  14. Eddsla here

    Come to talk bout it, why do these white people in k'la so careless bout how they look and dress?,and esp those who go to makerere, man its disgusting

  15. hmmmmmmmmm
    so i meet detamble...
    hard to reconcile the posts with the person
    she looks like a nun! and she is soooo little
    and half the time, i could not make out what she was saying
    hopefully, she catches the uganda accent soon enough or by God I shall have to resort to communicating via e-mail and sms!

  16. all this happened while i was WHERE?!

  17. way to go 3134565 or whatever that number is. fuck those melanin deficient pricks!