Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Doctor Who Spoilers - Is River Song Pregnant?

I think River Song is pregnant. By now we all know that River Song is Melody Pond, and most of us believe that she is also the girl in the astronaut suit. I think the girl in the astronaut suit is possibly River Song's daughter, here are my reasons:

1. River Song also appeared to be sick around the Silence, just as Amy was, yet no one else was, so I was thinking perhaps they're both pregnant.
2. It seems too simple a story-line, of River being the girl, to come from someone who so loves to 'Moffuck' with our heads.
3. Steven Moffat loves recursion, what could be more recursive than that?
So, my theory is that the girl is River Song's daughter, and that River Song is pregnant; or I could be terribly over-thinking things and Moffat just isn't that cool, or he's so much cooler that no mere mortal could possibly figure it out.

Who knows; I'm sure as hell looking forward to finding out though! Come on Part Two!!


Past readers of this blog will notice it's been a long time since I last posted, that's because I've been busy, starting a business, moving house, getting married, having a baby, you know, busy having a life.


  1. You sneaky bunch! A baby?!? Marriage?!?

  2. Does the business involve "saving" Africa?

  3. @Ashy: Yeah, a baby boy, his name is Ruairidh (similar pronunciation to Rory, if that helps), he's seven months old now.

    @BroncosSuck: Are you Australian? And yes, if by 'saving' you mean me getting filthy, stinking rich.

  4. No. I'm 110% Ugandan. But my domcile is both Australia and Uganda -- I shuttle in between every few years.

    So I can eat both an egg omlet rapped in a chapati or a snag wrapped in a slice of bread and some tommato sauce without finding either snack "weird"!!!

    I can also follow someone who starts every scentence with "Me" and or someone who ends every scentence with "mate" without finding either "wierd"!!!

    Me, right now I'm Straiylya, maiyte!

  5. Congratulations and many blessings to you and yours. Welcome back.

  6. fair dinkum, mate.

  7. i don't think it's river songs daughter because when the doctor left in the tardis the girl regenarated in 1969 and in the doctor who episode'let's kill hitler'mels is river song and mentions that she regenarated in a new york alley in 1969 the same time as the little girl therefore i believe that girl is river song

  8. @BroncosSuck:
    I LOVE rolex! Nice to see you got the Aussie accent down too. What you doing there, studying? I haven't been back in over three years now, I could really do with seeing an actual beach! The lake here is beautiful, but there's a distinct absence of surf.

    @gishungwa: Thanks!

    @Anon: Yeah, it turned out to be River Song, but I was really hoping there was more to it! 'Cause I figured it was River Song at the end of the second episode and I was hoping it would be more complicated then that. I'm still super stoked though! River is AWESOME! Still don't understand how she got from 1969 to Leadworth in 1996 to grow up as Mels...Moffat? Explain!