Thursday, 28 August 2008

Drugged to Delirium

*crawls pitifully back to Blogger*

Sorry. Been away. Been dying. Had a psycho bout of influenza. I won't tell you about it but suffice to say it was so bad I called Him up and cried into the phone and asked if he could swing by and kill me. End my miserable suffering. Most of the time I was so weak I couldn't even get out of bed.

Moving on now :D

A couple of months ago I managed to slam my head so hard into a door, no, don't ask what I was doing, I broke my nose. Thankfully it's barely noticeable. Second time I've broken it actually. First time my best-friend's sister slammed a baseball bat in the my face. Nose is still in centre. Looks normal. Feels sore. Aches. Still got a red tinge to the skin, like slight sunburn. Doctor says it will fade within a couple more months and so should my headaches, and Doctor is right because both have already subsided.

I'm back now. Tell you fun stuff on my next post.

Sleep well.

And remember the golden rule, if you're being bitten by fleas at night, kill one and the rest will go to its funeral.


  1. Just to be a hypocrite...SOCKS!!!

  2. No De, these socks belong to me. Sorry, you can't cheat. And ouch! Never broken my nose so I don't now what it's like but I'm sure it's painful. Sorry.

  3. well,welcome back. I'm glad you're in one piece, even if it IS a sore piece.:D

  4. Hippo. :o) Hypo. Hypodermic hypocrite.

    I'm not drugged of me face, but I feel roughly just as bad. :o( Hope it pases.

  5. broken your nose twice???!!!! Are you trying to break a guiness world record or something?
    Good to have you back, borken nose and all.

  6. I like the golden rule...Oh come on now you fleas!!!

  7. Glad you're well - wondered if the fleas had finally killed you.

    Welcome back.

  8. Jezz the bitch is still alive. Just get yo ass here already

  9. (((detamble)))

    twice? twice?! you are like a war hero to me...

    lol... about the fleas

  10. Welcome back.

    Sorry, u'll be fine!

  11. Hey,

    I did not come back!!!! I did not comment!!!

    Ok, Welcome back, officially, sis.

  12. @DeT: Silly girl :-x

    @Carlo: Fine, fine Carlo *hand over the dirty socks* Enjoy. Yes, it's painful!

    @Sis: Thanks and Ha. Ha. Ha.

    @27th: Who? How? Hippo? It will pass :-) Just you wait and see.

    @Xena: Yes, that's right, I'm trying to break the Guiness Book of World Records :D

    @Felix: Hehe :D

    @Petesmama: They pretty much had, it was like a feeding frenzy over here :P

    @Chanel: Sup Channel :P Sorry, Chanel, just didn't want to be left out with the misspelling your name and all that, you know how it is. I'm coming. I swear. Hell I'm even attempting to find dresses and skirts that reach my damned knees!!!

    @Sybella: I do so like to be worshipped. Twice, it hurt, both times!!! And why oh why did I have to be both light skinned AND accident prone.

    @Cheri: I will. I'll be so fine I won't know what to do with myself soon.

    @Bro: As much as I adore you, if you show up and skulk around at BHH and I one day meet you I will kick your black arse so fucking hard you will actually be black.