Saturday, 30 August 2008

Mateos From My Floor

Literally five minutes ago Uganda was on the tv. There I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch and this ad came on for a program called Family Footsteps (7:30pm Thursday ABC).

So the ad starts with this crowded road full of Africans and I went "Hey Mum, look, UGANDA!!"
And she glares at me for disturbing the peace and asks how I know. I shrug. Haven't got a clue how I knew. I just did. And I was bloody right to! As the ad progresses and they stop showing Ugandan infested roads the voice over comes on and "Blah blah, Uganda, blah." And I smile, radiating smugness for knowing it was Uganda after a split second.

It continues to show this half Ugandan man who left for Australia when he was three years old and blah blah blah and you'll never guess what happened next :P

I bounced right off the floor, pointing out the tv and practically screeched to my Mother, "look, LOOK! It's Mateos!!!" LOOOK MUM!!!! LOOK!!"

Anyway, apart from the fact that I'm a fucking genius for picking out Uganda in a split second out of all the possible African countries it could have been, I bought my tickets.

And Antipop, I'll get my hands on another season of My Family for you, so you better frickin have access to a tv etc.

Comrade, I have Kundun, Amelie and Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger for your veiwing pleasure.


  1. Should've told her you're certified a certified Ugandan, then gone ahead to call yourself Bakashaba Ruhanga Owomwiguru Kubahereza Yabahereza DeTamble.

    The expression on her face: priceless

  2. I die...if this story is true.

    But u and Antipop love My family? Wow.

  3. You are dying to come to Uganda, deT!!!

    Bloggers, when will be DeT's welcoming party? Post it well in advance, so that I can come and look on, anonmyously of course.

  4. It would have been a shame if you hadn't recognised your new home. LOL.

    *You'd better find big brother on that BHH night!

  5. Hold up.

    You aint going anywhere without seeing me again first :P

    Also, nice work on the geography skills. Or did you just watch it, tape it, then play it while your mum was there?


  6. @DK: Well I would have but since I cannot say it...maybe someone should give me some free tutelage...

    @B2B: Hmmmn yourself :-)

    @Cheri: I can't believe you think I'm lying!!! You nasty little sphynx!! And I'm not lying. I'm deadly fucking serious. So you better be inviting me to your funeral Missy, cause you is dead. Yeah, me and Antipop love My Family. I fucking live for that show. Do you like it?

    @GUG: Actually I'm not. I'm scared and lonely and sad and if it wasn't for my utter stupidity for [CENSORED] I wouldn't be screwing myself around like this.

    Don't come anonymously Brother. Please don't. Either come properly or don't bother.

    @Sis: My new home, you trying to scare me?? True though, would have been a shame. I guess since you are missing it, I'll probably fall for it, like I [CENSORED] ;-)

    @Dom: *shuffles foot and looks at the ground* Well, erm...ummm...I probably will disappear without seeing you again. Sorry :-(
    Can't tape it, nothing to tape it with, I'm just a fucking genius!

  7. Well at least send me a text or something :P

  8. Mateos in a video on a tv abroad? Why? Mateos?

  9. bambi detamble... ((clapping for you))

    good girl... yes you are a genius

    and your presence at bhh just might be the 'thing' to draw me there earlier than i was supposed to...

  10. i will borrow a TV if need be. and a VCD player. it is DVD? fine i will borrow that one as well. anything. just bring my family.

    now about you recognising uganda; i am not convinced!

  11. and me i am not mentioned.


    i recall that i am Kenyan. sorry for the intrusion. ;-)

  12. @Dom: A text, aye aye Sir, I can do that!

    @Tumwi: Well it was just there, not specifically anything to do with Mateos, just in the frame.

    @Sybella: Oooooh Sybella! You's gonna come to BHH! That would be sweeeeet!!

    @Antiwhoreface: It's a DVD but maybe we'll have to go computer...depends on the region I guess. We'll work it out when I'm there. I dunno about you but technology hates me so I'll bring along my Geekling, hopefully said Geekling will make everything work and you and I can watch and Geekling can go out and fetch us yummy things to eat so we can grow fat and happy.

    @13373333333: You're forgiven.