Thursday, 4 September 2008

To Bathe and Beyond!

A new family moved in downstairs. A Mum and two kids, the kids don't go to school cause they are too cool! Just like I was. I didn't go to school properly, ie. more than term here and there, until I was 13. But this really has nothing to do with anything except that I found some photos and I'm going to put them up here.


This was my old room, no proper walls so I plasticed them up and stuck some entertainment on them...yes, that is my school hat.

I used to sneak out that door and go sleep with the Lithuanian boy next door ;-)

This is my back yard...the chickens be long gone :-(

And this is my Fire Bath. You fill it with water, light a fire underneath it and when the water is hot you put the fire out, get in and lie around naked in the sun. It's heaven.

Not that you can see but the fire is in the shape of a tortoise. Sorry about the crappy pictures but I was naked when taking them (shock, horror) and I couldn't be bothered going down in the yard to take a good picture.

Cassiopeia. We gave her away, thank God, I'm so sick of pets!


  1. me i have this ones.

    the photographer should be shot mostly.

  2. FINE! In my defence I have this to say. It wasn't my camera. Those were the first shots I took with it and the settings were pissing me off.
    Mainly I was just snapping away and yes the overexposure is pissing me off and if my Dad ever sees those pics he will KICK MY ARSE!!! He's a photographer and he's trained me better than that shit up there.

  3. Those chooks would have loved it there! Much scratching I bet!

  4. To sleep with Luthuanian boy next door.

    I want to be young all over again.

  5. babe; i thought Australia was hot- three inches from the sun kinda hot. so why the Hot water bath thingy?

  6. Hmmm. I likes the Bath and Beyond reference. :D

  7. now, that improvised window...what happened when it rained?

  8. So do u still see those boys in the hood

  9. you are just so crazy my dear, the lithuian boy???? haha, you didnt go to school properly, my gooness, you dint have my parents, they were the 'napoleon's of this age!

  10. @ Phoebe - Yeah, when its hot, it boils. When its cold, you freeze. We make up for it by being totally awesome though :P

    @ DeTamble - God damn it, how come I never had a next door neighbour like you huh? I feel SOO left out :P

  11. Hehe...and what did you used to do with that boy uh.

  12. @Toaf: Next doors chooks come over instead, I love chickens :-) We also got a bunch of bush turkeys...they tried to dig up my dead cat HAHAHA

    @Cheri: Slut :-D

    @Phoebe: It is three inches from the sun, the fire is more for night time, otherwise the sun just warms the water.

    @Sis: Hehehe I didn't even realise until afterwards! Wish I was smart enough to take real credit for it.

    @Antipop: I got wet...for you!!! Nah, I got wet, it just rained on night it fucking snowed!!! And the possums used to come in and sit on my bed too, damn creepy!

    @Be Silent: No. I dumped all of them! A one man girl now :-) Who ever thought it would happen.

    @Lulu: The Napoleon's? EEK! I used to wag school like it was going out of fashion! Glad I didn't have your parents!

    @Dom: Well maybe you shoulda moved houses :P

    @Eddsla: I used to fuck him. What else was I going over there for? Conversation?