Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Bones in the Backyard

A few days ago I was throwing bird seed in the back garden, which is more like a jungle since my mother is no gardener and I don't like lawn mowers, and while I was flinging sunflowers seeds up into the air to watch them fall back to earth I found half a jaw bone. With teeth. I was a little stunned. I'm hoping the jaw bone belongs to a dog, although from the size of bone and teeth it could also be a large man's jaw. But I feel that is unlikely, so it must be a dog. Where's the rest of the dog though? Why was half a jaw just sitting on the ground? I almost trod on it. Anyway here's hoping sunflowers grow.

I'm eating ice cream right now. Such a treat, it's been ages since I've had ice cream. I found the container shoved way back in the depths of the freezer. Must have been there for months and months. It's not so much cream any more, mainly ice and I'm liking it.

And now I'm bored and wishing the banana tree outside the window had some bananas on it. Which is just stupid because I don't even like bananas. Off to finish reading Uganda's Scarlett Lion's blog.

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