Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I got off the uni - city bus the 135 I think it was at 5pm yesterday to go catch another bus to come home after uni and I saw the mX guy. He didn't have any mX* though :( it made me a little sad but he said he'd go grab some more so I followed him to the corner since I didn't know where the mX was hiding that day, it's always moving around. Anyway he gave me an mX and said I had the most beauftiful smile in the whole busway. Aww, it was so nice. *Kisses for the sweet mX guy*

*mX - A small afternoon newspaper with all the latest and most interesting, educational and entertaining news for the afternoon commute. I love mX!

Also there was an article in it yesterday saying that the best way to lower the stress of a crowded commute was to either hum, sing, perve, read, listen to a taped book or a song or imagine the fun that you're going to have when you get home, or think about sex. Personally I like to perve on the nearest sex bomb, or on the school boys. Ahhh gotta love those uniforms *drools*

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