Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Goodmorning Sunshine!!!!!!! The Earth Says Hello!!!

DeTamble is back.

DeTamble is good.

DeTamble is highly amused.

DeTamble is laughing at Comrade as he hurls himself off a cliff!


  1. Well,

    very funny, esp. after the despair in the last post. What happened, was Hunk good in bed?

  2. Eh, GUG???

    Yes DeT, can u please answer GUG's qn.

    Lol...u and Rev are always bickering and fighting. Like any other married couple.

    DeTamble and Rev, sitting on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G...

    But good to see u're doing well.

    -Miss Cheri

  3. @GUG: No, actually no bed. I said, err, ahhh, something I shouldn't have and the night ended rather suddenly. Out tumbled those words and I stared at myself in horror, said a hasty goodbye and walked away, leaving Hunk alone in the night with a smile tugging at his lips.

    @Cheri: "DeTamble and Rev, sitting on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G" Hahaha, just don't tell Hunk!!!

  4. *flies off cliff in quick succession* Flap! I'm coming to break your fall! :o)

  5. Flap? What are you, some kind of bird?!?!

    "Wheeeeee!" *SLAM!* "Ohh, thanks for breaking my fall. You alright? You look a little flattened?" :P

  6. Ok, take your love outside the two of you! Into the streets of whatever neutral place you can come up with. Did I hear DeT say she's coming to malaria-infested-land soon? Cuz Rev's ghetto is a prime spot to start off. Promise we all won't tell Hunk!

    P.S. Welcome back. Smile more.

  7. @ DeT: I can't find your cyber tracks anywhere. Taking a break today?

  8. Writing a post, should be up in 10 minutes...

  9. *To self: it's midnight!
    [proverbial lightbulb!] :D

  10. Eh, you're up! LOL.
    Can't wait!

  11. @Carlo: Yes, you heard right. DeTamble is (most likely) coming to malaria-infested-land soon. Soon being early next year (most likely).

    Rev's ghetto! Gah!! I've seen that place! There is no mirror, I'm not going there!!

    @Princess: It is up and it's a big one. A big cyber-footprint! :-D

  12. welcome back to the land of the flippant tambles, i missed you, i don't know about the rest of these clowns though. ;-)