Friday, 16 May 2008

Welcome, Bitch!

Alright, Princess, this one is for you.

Australia's private (fee paying) and state (government) schools have always had a fear/despise relationship.

You see a group of private school kids walking down the street and they pass by one State kid and the Private kids all shut up and look away and the state kid walks through the middle of them, head held high.
State school children despise Private kids for being conditioned by their parents and their school to all be the same, to be weak little snobs. They can't even look at the State school kids, not even when they're in their groups, they can't handle anything that is different to them.
Private kids are terrified of State kids. I know, I've been to both sides and State kids think that the Private kids hate them, they think that's why the Private kids refuse to look at them but it's not true. Private kids won't acknowledge the presence of at State kid simply because they are scared of them.
It's not surprising though, the horror stories that come out of State schools, I'm sure you can imagine them...if you're having trouble, think hard drugs, alcohol abuse, sluts, violence, rape, suicides and children who are so depressed the only thing left for them is the pain as they slide the knife into their wrist.

But this wasn't what I wanted to write, I actually wanted to tell you all what happened in my first week of State school and why I was there.

I went to a Girls Private Catholic school and I was in trouble constantly. My hair was too long, I talked back to the teachers, I had my own opinions (which is why I am a blogger), I lied and forged my way out of every single PE lesson for over a year. I kissed the other girls, I flirted with my teachers, both sexes and I would walk the the kilometre to the boys school during lunch breaks and...well, you can guess :-) I even lied to the police once about a girl who disappeared, I said I knew nothing and then one day my Principal caught me in a compromising position with a boy down the side of the library and I was told that if I didn't get my act together I would be asked to leave. So instead of getting my act together I switched schools. Just like that, within the week. I chose a new school, I saw a girl in a uniform I liked and asked her which school she went to and off I went to enrol myself. So I switched, the dreaded switch, the switch you never ever make, from Private to State.

I loved it! It was like I'd come home. My third day there a Senior girl walked up to me in the bathroom, shoved me against the wall and snogged me. I was a little startled but no matter, some hot girl was kissing me and her hands were wandering ;-) Then she stepped back with her little posse "Welcome to our school, bitch," and off she went. I really liked the school, like really. It's was fucking awesome! Especially the Principal, I used to visit him every morning and I would flirt and he would give me a jelly bean. I rather miss it...


  1. Wow, u are my model student. Always on the offside of RULES.

    U flirted with yo teachers? Male or Female? In a Catholic school? Good stuff.

    -Miss Cheri

  2. Always on the offside, I can't even begin to describe how many hours I spent scraping gum of desks for detention! Both. Male and Female.

  3. Why am I the only one who seems not to have any nice, hot, finger-lickin'-good stories about school? It seems everyone had a blast, but nay, not me. :o(

    If I was having as much fun as you, DeTamble, I'd not finish school. ;o)

  4. @Cheri: Damn you quick to get those Socks!

    @27th: Well, ya see Rev, I'm having even more fun out of school :D What with drugs, booze, slutty sex with strangers and Hunk! Though I do miss my uniform :-( I loved it, so much fun, so many great memories, so much sex! Older guys really get off on doing a girl in a school uniform...

  5. Let me cut in on your conversation to say... well, nothing really.

    I miss jelly beans. Forgot about all of my schools.

  6. I was a little startled to see:
    "Welcome, bitch!"

    And then my name right under....

  7. You sure took your sweet fucking time! HAHAHA I didn't even notice that! Sorry! But it was really funny reading your comment. I threw back my head and laughed! HILARIOUS! Anyway, Welcome Princess, My Bitch! :-x

  8. Work dragged me away from my desk.

    *That kiss missed, of course.You actually hit the wall! :D

  9. I missed? Then why is my lipstick all over Rev's face?

  10. I'm guessing he shoved the wall out of the way...

    *Eh! But with those puny muscles....

  11. The wall was light, one of the piffling partition things and anyway the wall wasn't cute enough for me, not like those traffic lights.

  12. You know the best thing about this post is that it involves 'coarse language, violence and same-sex encounters'.

    You are te win! Hands over medal.

  13. No, Wilde, you should keep the medal for 'same sex encounters.'

    *I can't seem to stop grinning!

  14. @princess: *bows*

  15. my my. arent you a wicked little wildfire...

  16. I think if I were one of your teachers, I would feign sickness so as not to teach. I would be terrified. I’m not sure how I would react if I was a male teacher though.

  17. This is one of those blog posts that gets my adrenaline rushin(prob shows am getting old for these roller coaster rides of stories)...but then this is the stuff of a great read...i am immensely enjoyin this blog...second time in one night...(pun unintended)