Thursday, 1 May 2008

Where Are You?

This is for Ugandan Fan! You swung by mine a while ago. Where are you? Come back!!

For everyone else, Hunk, it's in the end comments on the post below this one. See, scroll down to the previous post. Click on comments. Scroll down. That's all you are getting. Don't get too excited. It's nothing like what you want.


  1. way to get us to read two posts! u go, gal!

  2. still scrolling and nothing so far!

  3. It's in the last comments of the previous post...I'm pretty sure you'll find it. Or you have found it.
    ie. in the comments of Ginger and the Wolf II

  4. Havent found, whatever.

    But maybe I am the fan. Unlikely.


    And I am trustworthy?
    [bow, bow, bow] I should get my lover to read this blog. Sometime...

  5. @Tandra: Talent!

    @31337: *rolls eyes* Hopeless.

    @GUG: This fan was a Ugandan in Iowa I believe. So, unlikely. :-) I've noticed you are commenting more around the place. You losing your Lurker ways? Maybe you should print out some of the posts and make him read them. I gave a couple of yours to my Mother, mainly the Ssenga ones :-) I told her that since she hadn't provided me with the Brother I had longed for I had to go elsewhere :P

    You are trustworthy! That lovely piece of information you are sitting on...yes, definitely trustworthy.