Wednesday, 21 May 2008


That Zimbabwe boy I met at the bus stop, Tapiwa.
We went for a job interview together and we got it, we start tomorrow.
Couple of days ago at Uni I met all his friends and I feel like I just got adopted by a quarter of my city's Zimbabwean population. They're all serious studiers, so I've been holed up in the library and the computer labs with them, studying and studying and studying and playing weird math games. I have never had this much fun at Uni before! They're fucking hilarious!
I'm trying to remember all their names...
They're trying to make me remember their handshakes.
They're teaching me to swear, I can say 'Hi, how are you?', 'Fuck You!' and 'What's Up Bitch?'
Can't spell them though but I can say them and they like to spring it on me.

I'm sitting there quietly absorbed in my assignment and then I get an expectant hand shoved in front of me and a "Say it Tamble!" and so we do the fist, knuckle, palm, arm sliding, shoulder banging, finger tickling shake and I say "What's up Bitch" in Shona and they all laugh and clap.

I had dinner with them, they think it's funny that Australian kids can't cook. So they're teaching me...why do they all like chicken so much?

Right this second they're attempting to teach me gangsta slang, it isn't going to well because every time I go to open my mouth to say what they wanted me to say I just start giggling and I can't stop. I'm supposed to be saying 'poppin' right now but I just can't do it. Can't get it out past the laughing!


  1. Shona, you're lucky, doesn't click nearly as much as other Southern Bantu languages. You'd have like half a tongue, now. :o)

  2. Nooooooo :P I think I'm rather like a pet to them, he has no need to be worried. I'm still crazy about him!

  3. gangsta? this i do not do swear lots so you are halfway there.

  4. It's been a while sis.Good to know you're having fun! :)

  5. explains why you have been missing on the ugandan scene. man, those shona people dont have nothing on us!! we are super gangsta.
    did i just sound jealous?

  6. Ok, looks like I have a great deal to catch up on since I've been away.

    Lemme get down to biz.

    Hi Tambs.

    Mis Cheri

  7. Interesting!

    I have a friend whose Ugandan friend is married to a Zimbabwean and I always find it interesting to listen to issues about their culture, noting the differences and similarities with ours in awe.

  8. Have you seen their money? the 500,000,000 note?

  9. BS is hating! You're jealous like Antipop. And well, so am I. I want that much fun too! Uni was fun. I miss it. Being grown up is NO fun!!

  10. God.. no DeT! Thou shalt not adopt gangsta talk.

    The other day a 19 year old boy came up to me and told me his 'biatch' had 'hallared' ( hollared) at me and he wanted me to 'halla' back.

    Or maybe I'm just too old to learn another language. Or as they say.. "an'aa rhyme".


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  12. Hello???

    Should I be worried DeTamble?

    Show face please. Blogistan is so boring these days...err'one taking time off.

    Not funny people.

  13. @31337: Me Gangsta. Never! I also can't dance, probably because I'm White.

    @Tandra: Yaaaay!!

    @Anti: You sound jealous. Although Shona has a better ring to it that uhh, what are you again?

    @MNN: Ugandans. Zimbabweans. You're all completely insane to me. Alright, Ugandans are worse than Zims. You're all a bunch of nutcases!

    @Carlo: Uni is fun. So much fun when you're curled beneath a desk at 2am having a nap.

    @WildeY: It's okay, I won't adopt Gangsta talk. I think it sounds STUPID!! I'd rather speak Pig Latin.

  14. @WildeY: And motheroffuck!! Those fucking Gangsta boys! Pull YOUR FUCKING PANTS UP!! How am I supposed to perve at your butt if your stupid baggy pants aren't clinging to it right?!?!?! Stupid mothafuckaz!! Don't you morons know what a belt is!?!?!?!