Wednesday, 7 May 2008

To Hunk

I'm not going to Uni tomorrow, I can't face it, I'm too depressed.
I feel like I'm dying, this is the worst time ever. I feel like fuck :'(
I think I should run for the hills, away from my own thoughts. Thinking things like this, and especially feeling like this is something I go out of my way to avoid. I feel broken around you. You waltzed into my life, skipped over the threshold, ignored the razor wire, armed guards and ferocious and ill-tempered guard geese, plonked yourself down on my bed, stretched out and started reading my most precious book and I'm left standing in the middle of the room
staring at you and wondering how the fuck you got in and why the fuck you're lying on my damn bed looking like a God?!?!

Who the hell are you?!?!


  1. I kinda understand where you're at.And it sucks.

    *Especially when I offer a hug and get asked for a slap instead.

    Chic, you's in love.Start to enjoy it.Someone had to surmount those insurmountable walls.

    Oh, wait! [slaps head!]

    The email was from Hunk?!?

  2. Ok, what exactly is going on here?

    Miss Cheri

  3. @Princess: No it wasn't an email from Hunk. It is what I wrote to him, edited.

  4. no control, scary, terrifying even, then the longing....

  5. When I get to that point, I just pace back a few metres, then hurl myself over the cliff. Watch me goooo ...

    Land in arms, that's good. Hit the ground, um ... I'm immortal; I wait for the next chance to leap.

  6. Again DeTambs...
    Relax and calm down..
    Take it slowly

  7. Love is such a beautiful feeling... sort of like having malaria. Good on you

  8. Wow,

    ok, was here and there was nothing. Then I went to my reader, and there was the post, and I was like, what the hell, you put it up and deleted it?

    No gal, you didnt.

    Ok, nice to see that someone is being so cornered by love. It is a mind altering drug, isnt it? And dont you ever try to get Malaria, like seems WildeY is recommending. It just aint a good thing!

  9. @Princess: I'm okay now, still up for that hug? :-P

    @Cheri: I don't even know what is going on. It's a mindfuck!

    @31337: Yes...scary!!

    @27th: *smirks* Erm...your hair, it's a little on fluffy side today. Maybe you shouldn't jump off cliffs so much, it's turning your dreads into a fro!

    @B2B: I'm trying to take it slowly!! It's just not working!! DAMN IT!!

    @Wilde: I should try malaria too sometime. Maybe next year.

    @GUG: Cornered, yeah, like a trapped animal. Mind altering drug, it is what He called me :-) So the malaria thing, I'm leaving Australia next year for malaria countries and I didn't really want to have to take the anti-malaria pills, since people seem to get malaria anyway and the pills just seemed like a waste of time if I'm going to get it anyway...Do I really need to take my anti-malaria pills?

  10. OMG! Malaria is a good feeling?! WTF!
    @ W~Y: cracking me up as usual!
    @ DeT: *hugs*
    [if you ever reject a hug from me again, I'll....]
    *ominous tone
    [and don't you dare go running to big bro!]

  11. @Sis: Ominous tone received and understood!! Won't happen again! *salutes* And won't go running to big bro either, he's probably too busy sucking cock anyway.

  12. @ DeT: you do remember I'm the young innocent sis, don't you?
    *don't say such things!

  13. @Sis: *smirks* Fiiiiine!! But you gonna have to grow up quick smart if you are going to New York! Cause big Bro won't be there with our six brothers to save you :-(

    You won't be coming back innocent, that's for sure. Even if you are sweet and younger than me :-)

  14. Bambi. That's like a really sympathetic word which could mean 'sorry you lost your loved one', or 'are you ok?' after you hit your foot. So that's the best I can say, Bambi.

    Oh, and a hug cuz you mos def need one.

    Also, embrace the love. ;-)

  15. did you say edited!can we have the unedited version, i get the feeling its really juicy hmmm...

  16. @Carlo: I stopped fighting, I'm embracing the love! And it's going to take me on a wild ride! :-D

    @Duksey: No, I will not show you the unedited version!! You'd know exactly who he is then! You'll have to wait to find out like everyone else does!

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