Thursday, 17 July 2008

The African Naming Challenge!

Part of the Pope's visit to Sydney, with a new follower......and now for the POST!

Chanel has deemed it necessary for me to be given an African name. Which is fine by long as I can be Christened in Vodka. Or any alcohol really. Well, anything non-staining. You pour red wine on me and I will rip your fucking earlobe off with my nails! With that said, Antipop has already got in and named me Nansamba. I don't know what it means or how to pronounce it.

So here's the Challenge: Choose a name, tell the meaning, the tribe and why it is awesome enough for me to carry? Oh and while you're at it why not choose me a tribe as well. Something suitable that covers my oh-so-wonderful traits.

And if anyone knows the name that means "Fucking Awesome, Better than God and Can Kick Your Arse" then that'll be the winner.


  1. Omuramba!

    it is the baddest, most stinkiest, most mystifying, tantalising, mind blowing, sorghum brew in the land! And it is from my village...

  2. Imagine
    De Tamble Nansamba

    I am killing me'self

    Wait till Ivan gets here!


    Er, AntiChild...
    Omuramab also sounds dope...

    but how about
    De Tamble Kukyakara...

  3. Well if you're going down that road- better jump right into it and get a South African Zulu or Xhosa name with lots of clicks...something like:

    Nomvhulangxa or Sokhilixwezingikwe...flows off the tongue like water

  4. lol... think i should sit this one out...

    but definately not Nansamba!

    oooh and Omuramba would be a kikiga name for you.

  5. Nakawunde? Nansamba? Omuramba??????

    Gosh, why didnt I get here earlier!!!!!!!

    Ok, here is my fifty cents.

    Kamese, and deT, you are adopted into the Baganda tribe.... errrr, I dont know the clan and totem!!! And dont the Basoga also name it?????

    Kamese DeT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alright you bunch of nitwits! Who obviously have no concept of instructions, rules or deals.

    What do these names mean? Hmmm?

    @Antipop: Are you really trying to name me after an alcoholic beverage? Cause in that case I always fancied the name Absinthe.

    @WildeY: *clicks like a pro*


  7. am afraid i am Det. But this is an alcoholic beverage like you never saw. i mean, it is sooo good, my tribesmates get in the bar in the morning,until the wife fetches them in the night to go fulfil their conjugal duties! do we rock or what?

  8. Ha deT,

    who told you Baganda had huge noses?

    ha ha ha!!!!! They so do, so I hope you have one!
    Their faces are all nose. True!

    Ok, I am being politically incorrect here.

    Am afraid I was also playing on your ignorance [evil me, you should always expect that of me!]

    the name Kamese means rat. Or mouse, whatever!!!!!!!
    I wanted to call you a cat- but pussy would not do, and I did not know any of our tribes name people cats.
    Then I remembered that the Kamese name is a bonafide name. Must be the Baganda. So, you were named.

    You see, names have to have meanings. And you are in a clan, and have a tribe, and a clan totem. Only thing this sneaky brother of yours is not very sure which particular tribe you are. But I am sure you have a large nose, either Baganda, or Basoga.

    Definately a large nose...

    ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. OMG! I can't believe you think I have a big nose!!! You fuck! My nose is not overly large! It's a perfectly good size, thank you very much hoe bag! My nose may not be squashed to my face like some people here I'm related too, but for a Caucasian nose there's nothing big about it. It's pointy and pixie like and not big in any way, unless you count the fact that it ain't squashed flat against my face.

    AND I DON'T WANNA BE BAGANDA!!! They's all....all...and nooooo *waaah* YOU SUCK!!

    I wanna be Mukiga!!!

  10. now my dear would you not want to be an acholi you could be called ABER meaning am beautiful,well the benefits of being a mucholi are boundless ask cherie and kissyfur.

  11. Acholi are totally cool!! But are they bitchy enough? I was going for a rude, bitchy tribe that let me boss around boys...

    I like Aber, best so far in my opinion. Antipop's is also cool though.

    But my favourite is Abela, haven't got a clue what it means and it's Tanzanian not Ugandan and anyway I'm not supposed to go around naming myself, otherwise I'd cut straight to the point and call myself God.

  12. That guy at the back in black...Darth Vader...what is he doing in the papal entourage???

    u wanna know what the acholi are??? Look at me and u will know. I am a typical one.

    Wow...Aber means good/beautiful one or I am good/beauitiful. Good choice.

    Lol..."I don't wanna be BAGANDA." Tall.

    -Miss Cheri

  13. Some Eritrean friend of mine said he wants to be a "mucuga" instead of a "Mukiga".