Friday, 25 July 2008

God Fuck All Communists!

As you may have noticed I have been posting utter crap of late. I mean really, have you noticed the shit I've put up here? Even I'm disturbed by just how bad the posts have been. I'm afraid I haven't got it in me to write properly these days.

I keep composing long political posts but I never want to post them because something is missing. So instead I feel guilty about not posting in over a week, cram some stuff together, hope it's legible and hit the publish button.

Comrade! Why did you have to go! Don't you understand how lonely I am without you? I have no one to scream, rage, rant and rampage with. I don't want to post something interesting without you here to rip it apart sentence by sentence and tell me how wrong I am! The other Bloggers are cool but they don't quite have that psychotic, slightly unfounded hatred streak and I think if I attempted to place 500+ word comments on their Blogs over and over they might take out a restraining order on me.

Fuck You 27th!!

...You coming back soon? Pleeeeeeaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeee!! Can't keep posting this crap, it's getting me down.

So here's some more crap to space fill.
I'm moving house, sometime in August, don't know when, don't know where.


  1. Anyone out there big enough to fill the Commie's boots?
    This is a serious SOS!

  2. Scratch that!
    27th, wherever you are, you need to get your scrawny ass back into blogger world, like pronto!!!!

  3. Why is it only Princess commenting?


    Lets keep it in the family. Lets all shout for Comrade. Together, as family. Maybe he will hear

    On my count

    1, 2...


  5. you are the second angry blogger i have met! what a mess i am coming into! love how you write; in the prev posts

  6. Can someone just kidnap space and demand that he comes back as randsom

  7. @Rockthis: Who was the first? And thank you, I'll try to live up to it. I SHALL BE FURIOUS FOR EVER!!

    @Duksey: This is a good idea. I'll call my people.

  8. I could swear I heard someone mention my name around here. That, or the voices in me head done returned.

  9. [dissaproving]

    communist. It is the voices in your head, I swear!

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