Friday, 4 July 2008


You know I can never deny you anything so here goes. For Guggy and for WildeY.

One early evening, 20 years ago my Mother L, Father J and Father I were sitting around and of course the topic got onto sex. L wanted to shag J. I wanted to shag L. And J wanted to shag them both. And so they did. And here I am!!

The utterly adorable, I-N-C-O-R-R-I-G-I-B-L-E, slutty DeTamble, the product of a friendly, raunchy and apparently very good threesome.

GUG wants details. But what details do I know? I was busy swimming and play loop the loop with my tail and kicking some serious sperm butt! Obviously I kicked butt 'cause I got to the egg first, because that's just the sort of awesome person I am. See I would have been the leader and would have shouted too all my now dead brothers and sisters that this way is the right way. And I would have led them into a trap!!! A sticky wall! We would have been racing full pelt and I would have swerved and ducked under them and the rest would have been to stupid to realise and would have careened into the walls! Heheheh. Then I would have dusted my tail on my fat body and swum on. Plotting and planning the destruction of all the other sperm still around, and gloating over my imminent triumph and conquerage of the egg!

One detail I do know is that my Father J, the one I'm actually fully related to, is big. Long and thick. So that particular piece of dormant genetic code had better be passed down to my son. Or else! If he can't have blue eyes, at least let him have a huge cock.


  1. you see that all of y'all? that is dust!here. have these socks and wipe it off your faces

  2. on second thoughts guys, i dont think you want to see what is here. so if you will all turn around and go back now, you will be sure to keep your innocence...


    First all. DeTamble- I officially hand over the crown of all smuttiness to you coz clearly I cannot compete!

    Secondly, I'm off to read your post again ( perhaps 20 more times) before I can make a coherent comment.

    Thirdly, the fact that you wrote the word 'huge cock' in your post just made me blush. Seriously.

  4. i am reading this with closed eyes. really. de t. sigh. you saw whose ninihii?

  5. @Antipop: Hehehe!

    @WildeY: Looking forward to a more coherent return, if you ever manage it. GUG said you'd enjoy it.

    @31337: X-ray vision, huh? What's a ninihii?

  6. May F(&&%*^King Goodness. Woman you are talky and a good blogger

  7. @Chanel: Thanks :D Compliment very much taken! Though, woman. I'm not too sure how I feel about being called...woman. I feel strangely aged. Most people think I'm a child. Like 15 or something. Woman, that kind of freaks me out. Child is better! Young and supple.

  8. Ha!!!!

    A hit as I thought it would be. I did not expect so many people to get there before me.

    Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!!!!

    Where is your lil sis?????

    It would be priceless to see her face as she reads this!!!!

    Oh my!!!!!

  9. Hey, WildeY,

    did you see it? You are a slut also. You only saw the huge coke, err cork!

    Did you see it? Who shagged who and who shagged who??????????

    DeT was made in the middle of a threesome gay/straight swing. Now, that I call being very, very mixed!!!!!!

    DeT, how did you beat all those sperms? from I and from F? I am laughing so much that I cannot continue, oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!!

  10. @Bro: She's in a meeting I think. Something boring and work related probably. Can't wait for her to get here though!!

    Hmmm, maybe I should have entitled this 'To The Sluts' but then it could have included Antipop, Cheri and Carlo too.

    I beat them because I'm evil. In fact a few days before I was born my mother dreamt I was the Devil. And she was actually very wary of me when I was born. But no, it's cause I'm competitive and sneaky and cause I holocausted the fuck out of the others!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SUCKERS!

  11. Oh Girl, oh girl,

    you've made my day.

    In honour of this I am not going to read any blogpost...[mine dont count] until tomorrow, and I promise to start with this one!

    Oh my, deT! You realy are something. Let me wish you and Hunk the very best of life. It promises to be very, very, very interesting.

    And who the hell told you about that memorable threesome?

    Oh my!!!!!!

    I will go crazy laughing...

  12. :-D You are so unbelievably welcome!!
    Anything for family and friends, right? :-)

    Thanks for the best wishes, I think we're going to need it.

    My mother told me. When I was about 10. I don't remember why but the topic got onto it. I think it was when me and some other kids started a 'Condom Breakers' group and I wanted to make sure I was eligible to join my own group.

  13. You mean, at 10 you and a group of other were playing condom breaking??????

    And your mother told you of the threesome she had with your dad and your dad's best friend which ended up conceiving you?????

    Is this a thriller or something?

    sorry, I could not keep away!

  14. GUG and DeT: You two really are something! You duo of evil knew that this post would fill my head with all sorts of nasty fantasies leaving me unable to work in the afternoon!

    Damn you two!

    This post btw was all 10 kinds of hotness.

    I can't lie.

  15. I is arrived, finally! :D
    GUGGY: I'll have you know that this was read with an amused, tolerant eye. No ducking behind protective coverings for my eyes or err, innocence. :)

    @ sis: you have succeeded in making our dear brother cheerful!!!Biggest achievement, like ever! I is proud of you.

    Bambi, WildeY! :D

  16. Child does yo mama read yo blog?

  17. @Brother GUG: No. I mean at 10 I started a club for me and some other children who are only here because the condom broke. And I asked mum, to make sure I had indeed been a condom breaker and well I scored some new details to the story. I guess I was a little like Peter Pan, always wanting to hear stories about ME!

    @WildeY: Duo of Evil. I like that. See brother my dear, we have been named. And Sis and I are The Evil Twins. Why does just follow our family? What did we ever do?!?! And Wilde! I can't believe I shocked you into blushing!

    @Princess: *glows* Thank ye Princess *curtsies* I did do good, this oooooonnnnneee time.

    @Chanel: She used to. I haven't caught her at it since I posted about the time I got hit by a car. I think she realised she'd rather no find out what I've been up to.

    @GayUganda: Sir! Child reporting for duty! Sir!


    Hope you all a lovely day.

  18. Madame, next time please warn us...

    A PG 13 would have done for me.

    Is Father I Ian Liew? (Yes, yes, I didn't forget his name.)

    -Miss Cheri

  19. If your ma hadn't had u, or to put it this way, if "your" sperm didn't get there fast and first...yo ma would be a hunchback...cuz woman, u're TROUBLE!!!

    -Miss Cheri

  20. @MILF: Hell no! No warnings! You Ugandans are not allowed to have warnings. Learn to read at your own peril Children.

    Trouble. Hunchback. Is there some sort of Notre Dame reference I'm not getting here?

  21. damn...and thats all i can say...damn(in bewilderment)

  22. I'm a slut? No I'm not. Ask Dante. Wait, don't ask him. Don't even look in his direction. Ok, I read this through the holes in my fingers on my face. You've shamed me!

  23. dont think i understand this sperm thingie am still young!

  24. Girl, you are something else! Meanwhile, do not be fooled by all these prudes and they claim to innocence and such silliness, they are lying!!!!! X-ray vision? WTF?!

  25. Girl, you are something else! Meanwhile, do not be fooled by all these prudes and they claim to innocence and such silliness, they are lying!!!!! X-ray vision? WTF?!

  26. your take and this whole thing is very interesting... many ppl would shy away from giving any descriptions since they dont even want to consider the fact that their parents had sex!!!!

    I'd lift my hat to u if i was wearing one!!!!

  27. Are u ok? Is everything fine?

    -Miss Cheri

  28. detamble havent watched caspian yet... now whatbuggles me are you a guy or a girl?
    if that was you in the picture, nope you are not skinny, a regular half white? girl? yeah

  29. hey deT,

    [mystified] do tell, are you a boy or girl?

  30. @Carlo: Suck it up Prude :P

    @Leos Child: There, there. It's okay, one day someone will take pity on you and explain it.

    @The Dare-Devil: Hehe, thanks and X-ray vision?

    @Nahjaj: LOL I always found that funny. I mean how the hell did we all get here? I know I didn't come from no cabbage patch!

    @Cheri: Kill me now.

    @Lulu: I'm a girl. Half white? I'm all white. There's no half about it. Hell, I'm not even half tanned. AND YES!! GIIIRL!!

    @Bro: You know I'm a girl, you nitwit.

  31. Sis,

    just wanted a rise out of you.

    when are you blogging again?

  32. Reading this made me feel like some sorta saint. From now onwards, I am St. Dennis of Belmont. And I am in Love with DT. Technically, that pushes me out of sainthood, no?

    Yay! Back to the land of sluts!

  33. What,

    another one to give me cows [and a car???]. Might end up auctioning you off dear sis.

    But remember, only the men are allowed multiple wives. No multiple husbands. Bite me, it is the culture. I dont want the bakos coming to kill me, or fighting one another for that matter.