Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Antipop II

For Fabulous Antipop, the owner of That Smile ;-) Enjoy. For you lazy bloggers who had the cameras, how could you? You know Facebook hates her! You should be feeling ashamed, leaving her out like that you cold hearted monsters.

Yes, finally, he thinks as he meets her for the first time: Antipop and...dunno, maybe Dante.

These guys thought I was picturing them kumbe I was on the (insert word) guy up there: Duksey, Edmo, Heaven and Chanel.

Muwanguzi Archilleo: The now reformed alcoholic spreading the good word.

Talk about intense: Duksey and Edmo.

So you see, when I press it here like this, it snaps pikichaz like magic!: Dante and Carlo.

One on one seemed like a better idea: Muwanguzi Archilleo and Eddsla.

It was still starting out only to pick up later: Edmo and Kissyfur.

Isn't that bag divine? Edmo and Kissyfur.

Where are you going?! Heaven, Eddsla and Chanel.

Edmo seems to be having a conversation with his Coca-cola. Ivan and Edmo.

Heaven, Dante and Chanel.

(Why don't I know who you are?), Edmo, Carlo, Antipop and Kissyfur.

You have the right to remain silent and watch me drink your beer. 27th, Ivan and Duksey.

??, Dee and Carlo.

Sex and the City, baby! Dee.

Rev's kitten wrote that book. Antipop (ain't she just gorgeous) and Edmo.

Check the bag! Comrade and Jazz.

I salute thee my comrades...The Communist is actually Rastafarian deep down.

Carlo picked Samantha for a button. What does that tell you?

Bambi, he took the hat off to greet. Chanel, Eddsla and Antipop.


  1. hey! i thought i specifically asked for guys' pictures? who are all those women there? crop them out for fuck's sake!

  2. FINE UNGRATEFUL WENCH!! I'll go see if I can rustle up some men. But it was mainly just Rev and Edmo and that Tusker Beer person and only like 2 with Ivan in. So any requests from Her Majesty Antipop??

  3. well, i guess i should be grateful. and maybe even thak you for bringing facebook to blogger. but i wont!
    i want men. i want men. i want men.(repeat till fades)

  4. *rolls eyes in disgust* Well I wanted to see titties but fine! I'll go find some men, guessing you want men other than Rev, since he's pretty girly himself...

  5. There you go Miss Never Satisfied, all the people of the male persuasion. You can now commence the pashing of the computer screen.

  6. DeTamble, when she says she wants men, she means it. In the real sense of the word.

  7. But this unfair. How much did Antipop pay? I can pay double coz I've been asking for that fantastic photo on yo blog but no reply. Riale. Un fair. I will pay tripple

  8. email me and I'll email it back to you.

  9. Oh and by men you mean Antipop wants cock, right?

  10. LOL @ the comments.

    Now if only we had tags in the pictures...

  11. where is fuck are the capshuns? what the hell is going on in them pictures. who are the, few, women present. i saw boobs, no capshuns, i want to allocate them to owners!

  12. @31337: Fucking capshuns at your service bitch!

  13. detambs you are gangsta! gangsta ugandan style. you even speak our slang! kumbe..., bambi.... princess' doing a good job i see

  14. now, wait a minute there channel and DeT! wtf is this all about? all i said was i wanted to see some guy pics thats all. nothing about what they keep in their clothes. perverts!

  15. @Antipop: Oh if only that was true about the slang! But no, most of the captions were the ones Dee put on her FB. Though I do actually understand bambi and you're right Princess is attempting to teach me. But honestly bambi just makes me laugh, I keep thinking about the movie :P

    And also, don't guys generally = cock?

    And I ain't gangsta, I'm sweet and adorable with a massively fiery temper. Nothing gangsta here, or at least nothing gangsta that I know of...

  16. Yeah DeT she needs the hard bit of the guys. She just pretending

  17. thanks for the pics. didn't have time to check out facebook... ??? is Heaven (thecalflaments.wordpress)

    antipop, just accept what chanel and detamble are offering... it seems they have the hook up for you.

  18. Does it have to be a guy? Cause I've got a strap on...

    @Sybella: Heaven, thanks! I'll go edit it. And now I know who Rev was talking about when he said there was some pretty Blogger in the car. Time before last.

  19. Thank you Tambs. I have resisted the onslaught of Facebook, so this is the first I am seeing of the last BHH.

  20. Hey you,

    you did not tell me about this!!!!!

    Come on, someone thought it was me in ...


    place looks familiar. Am nostalgic. Truly.

    But, for now, I can put face to name. Poor anonymous me!!
    Wish I could join you guys...

  21. You should come! You came once before, you should come again. Like, for example, when I'm there!!! So I can glomp you and irritate you until you slap my wrist and tell me to stop being such an annoying bratty nuisance!

  22. Wow! Antipop isn't getting any? That's all I got from this entire enlightening post by the way! :-D
    Meanwhile, you imported all the pikichaz with the capshuns? Cool.
    To GUG: I beg you pleeeeeaaaase come to BHH. If you're cute then don't cuz I'll feel really bad that I can't get you. But if you're ugly then come. Ah, what the heck, come anyway even if you're drop dead gorgeous with abs to die for. I'll just die inside.
    And DeT, strap has nothing on real hard . . . um . . . manhood!

  23. @AntiChild
    you need the hook up...
    may i do the pimping and you avoid some losers...
    Just say maybe

    i am on your blog...
    no more basics...

  24. @Carlo: I did, it took me ages! Stupid Blogger! Pikichaz!! LOL.
    @GUG: Yes please come to BHH!! Even if you're ugly as all fuck we still want you there!! Even if you're really hot, even though all the girls will be pissed off not being able to have you, except me, obviously, because sleeping with ones brother is just sick.
    @Carlo:I know it isn't as good, but it's all I can offer her!! *cries*

    @BNM: So this means we can no longer called you B2B?

  25. All y'all are freaking gorgeous....ok must move...where r u y'all exactly?

  26. I have just seen this post. Today, now!

    and for some reason, i feel really left out.

  27. @Seinlife: KAMPALA!! MOVE! Like me.

    @Phoebe: Awww, well then I suggest you, I dunno, GO TO BHH! Efendy's on Thursday the 31st of July, 2008 at 6.30pm