Thursday, 31 July 2008

To Comrade, Wishing You Were Here.

I was once told by a boy, as I lay under him, naked from the waist up, beneath a fig tree, that I was one of the most open girls he had ever met.

I was once told by a boy who loved me more than any other that I am the original, raw description of a free spirit.

I don't know how right they are but I'm taking it as a compliment.

I don't know anything about being open or a free spirit.

Sounds complicated.

Sounds challenging.

I try to avoid hurting myself, though that does not detract from openness or being free.

I try to avoid hurting others, that does detract from openness and being free.

All I know is that I do things that make me happy, that make me laugh, that make me smile, that involve real emotions and don't leave me feeling empty and shallow or used.

All I know is that I live my life by one rule. Always Get What You Want*. It has served me well these past two decades, it has never let me down and strangely enough life rarely ever disappoints me.

*Never Want Anything You Can't Have.


  1. I think that the best law in the world is The Wolf's Law which states: 'If It Moves, Shag It!'

    And on another totally random note, I am out of here.

  2. and this is all he has to say... Oh.

  3. I think (from this blog, at least) that you are open and free.
    If you knew that you were being those things, then you would be, by definition, acting them out.
    That you don't notice yourself as open/free is a good sign that you are likely the genuine, real stuff. As in, the real open and real free.

    Now that I'm here ... :o) That part about the ficus tree ... ;o) Steamy stuff.

    Co-incidence that when I'm here and comment first, the post refers to me? Ya Allah! I lost my faith in co-incidence long ago! :o)

  4. All them comments done slipped through in seconds? I beat 'em to it, too. Coincidence is interred over there, so I'm thinking. Not co-incidence.

    And Matanda, behave thyself!
    And T!

  5. This feels like a birthday post. And a visit to Seamless confirmed my suspicions.

    Happy Birthday, you wild free woman.

  6. "I was once told by a boy, as I lay under him, NAKED from the waist up, beneath a fig tree, that I was one of the most OPEN girls he had ever met..."

    Am i the only one finding fault in that statement?
    geddit? NAKED, OPEN, BOY?

  7. Hhehehehe antichild really!!!!!
    Love the post.

  8. @Antipop! Yo slutface! Only you would think that but that's because you're a fucking whore!! :P
    And I was not open at that particular time or with that particular boy. You're such a dick :P

  9. LOL, DeT!
    I was thinking exactly what Antipop was thinking...
    You're in for it if youcall me a whore though! :P

  10. @Sis: *shakes head* honestly girl! And you're not a whore, you're a money slut. I know what you're up to, going of the NY so you can earn those big bucks and hoard them to yourself!

  11. Well, if you want some of the buck, you'll have to come visit me, won't you? :P

  12. Visit you? Hell I'll be demanding my very own room with en suite in your massive house!!

  13. Well,

    I am usually speechless, but not in writing.

    So, sis, ok. Is this what you were writing about.

    Who is the naked boy? The one you wish was there?

    He just said oh. Just Oh. Imagine, just oh!!!!

    Now, what would I do if a pretty girl wished that she was naked under me.....


    turn it around and well. [I mean, make it a pretty boy and, close your eyes, slut]

    WildeY, where is wildey to read this and comment?



  14. ah!

    I think I have overdone the comments...

  15. i came here running, really. and if you haven't noticed its to 2am. so chic pliz, next time try not tempt into a heart-attack, be subtle(be Aussie).

    abt the post: of course at that time, to the said boy, you were the most open person he'd ever seen. I want fig tree of my own- after reading this.

    free spirit; i will bet commarede told you that.

    @oh! that was definately said in lusonga.

    u're amazing DeTs. and u will be where he is soon enough. get-with-it-ya!

  16. @Phoebe: Actually there was a different post up, but I deleted it. It was about Space's imminent death.

    Be where Comrade is? That's the last thing I want right now! Actually right now I'd rather smash a gun into his cheek and pull the trigger and then proceed to empty the entire round into his dying form and kick him a few times for good measure.

    But thanks for running here at 2am, even if it is too late :-)

  17. @GUG: No, this is not the post I commented on yours about. That post is G000000000000000ne!!!
    The boy wasn't naked, just me. And he isn't Comrade. And I wasn't wishing. I really was naked under that boy beneath a fig tree late one night in our city's Botanical Gardens.

    And people are reading too much into the Comrade thing. I was just wishing he'd come back to Blogger, nothing more, nothing less.

    Do you really hate girls that much? Just cause someone is naked beneath you doesn't necessarily make it sexual. Couldn't you just enjoy the warm, soft skin and talk about something interesting. Though obviously if she was actually trying to get you to have sex with her then RUN! RUN GUG, RUN!!

    I wouldn't be closing my eyes, if I caught you or anyone like that I'd be perving my heart out!

  18. you sure you wern't open at the time?

    @dennis. lol, pliz don't- it c'd be a cow,a goat,enkoko, my man you don't want to be cought shagging one o those.

  19. that comment you left on me blog got mee so cracked up i had to rush to your blog to read up on what ive missed! out!
    i like that piece... unsderneathe a! blush blush! i so totally find this the most true thing ever said, tryna please detracts us from being real ... i get that comment too....
    'that I was one of the most open girls he had ever met.

    I was once told by a boy who loved me more than any other that I am the original, raw description of a free spirit.'... and more that 'i am like an old shoe so comfy to be with... not in....yet!...:)

  20. God Forgive u all and bless u esp antipop coz christ ur mind needs reconditioning!!

  21. Reconditioning? Why?
    [*wearing determinedly 'blank' expression] :D

  22. Christ who? [*wearing determinedly blanker expression*]

  23. @27: Oh.

    @Matanda: I used to follow that but had to stop after I got splinters.

    @Tandra: ...Oh...

    @27th: I still have my faith in co-incidence. If you wash your hair before you meet me we can go to a park ;-)

    @27th: I like Matanda being dirty.
    It makes me happy.

    @Petesmama: Thank you!

    @Kissyfur: :-) Glad to be of service.

    @GUG: Oh!

    @GUG: I want to watch, fag.

    @GUG: This is DeTamble, there is no such thing as overdoing the comments here.

    @Phoebe: What's the difference between Oh in Lusonga as opposed to Oh in English?

    @Eddsla: I'm sure. I wasn't open. But my breasts were being bitten. It could also be a tree, those move too ya know.

    @Lulu: Sadly you missed that post, I deleted it, it was a 24 hour thing only. But so long as you laughed, right? :D
    Shoe? Wait. I'm confused. Did someone call you a shoe?

    @Danny: I'm allergic to your God. Sorry. And why does her mind need reconditioning? It's perfectly conditioned. She takes excellent care of it!

    @Sis: I love you! You keep that blank expression, you're my hero! Even if you are younger...

    @Matanda: can be my hero too... ;-)

  24. am a free spirit too..though am not sure any boy over me under a fig tree has told me that..

  25. off to look for a tree we got some piney thing but it hangs low so fig like so off with me boy to do that thing you do do under trees. me likey

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