Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Is It Over Yet?

You are nosy. I heard what you were saying in the car. Tsk. Tsk.

I'm coming back soon. I promise. I sorry 31337, I know it's what I said last week but this time I'm serious. I shall be home soon! Back to irritate you all!! Or one of you could do me a favour and kill me.

I've been wishing that someone would kill me. Not anything nasty, just a nice quick death, like a gun shot to the head or a stab wound to the chest. I'm sure the pain and subsequent death would be much more enjoyable than working 11 hour days and then studying until 3am every single day for the last month. I'm so tired that it feels like there are spiders crawling under my skin sometimes. I'm so tired I failed to realise it was raining, even though I was getting soaked. I'm so tired I was standing in the massive freezer at work and I felt warm. I'm so tired I think I'm dreaming writing this. I'm sure I'm actually in a hospital bed in a coma.

Sometimes I get a spare moment to look in the mirror and it scares me. I'm ridiculously and frighteningly pale and have the blackest circles under my eyes. I look like a heroin addict and I wish I was right now.

As soon as Uni is done, my last exam is June 20th, I am going to get extremely wasted and take as many fucking drugs as I can get my naughty grasping hands on!!!!!!!!!!

So, until I come back officially, here is a picture of me I took in April, when I was happy. Yes, my room is bright orange.


  1. She's back! well almost. Sends you lots of cyber coffee.

  2. no stress. your face matches perfectly with your room.

  3. Good luck. I'll mark my calendar - there better be something here on the 21st.

  4. o hai! :-)

    looking forward to your return.

    all the best with your papers, knock the shit of of them, ya hear?

  5. Orange room, yeah. And a tad shy on the lighting, as it were. :o)

    I don't usually use a mirror, when I want to take a pic of me. I just hold the thing at arm's length and hit.

    Back to the picture: hmm, cute. Very, very cute. Nearly edible, even. ;o)

  6. Messy, messy room. LOL.
    Good luck with them papers!

  7. Ok,

    now, I know what you look like.

    Err, sis, why did hunk fall for you? I mean, I can understand you falling for hunk but him for you?

    Little problem, I am gay, oh. Dah!

    [grumble grumble] no, that is ok. You are beautiful enough. 50 cows was too few. 100. We have not started official negotiations. (Dont tell 27th as yet.) I want to suprise him, he will have to negotiate from 200. A lass as good as you should go for 500. So he is getting you cheap.

  8. @WildeY: Oh Baby! I IS BACK!

    @Cheri: Thanks. So are you! Miss-I'm-Pretty-And-I-Have-Toothpick-Legs-With-Which-To-Make-DeTamble-Jealous!

    @27th: My house is as badly lit as your slum. And obviously that is why I look better in pictures than you do and this was even a bad picture considering the light quality, the grainy useless camera and my 36 hours of wakefulness!
    Edible, just like edible underwear.

    @Sis: I try not to think about the papers. And that was the cleanest part of my room. Then. Now that part is covered in clothes.

    @GUG: Reading those first couple of sentences I was about to get really upset. What a way to tell someone they look ugly! But you saved the comment well. As if Hunk couldn't not fall for me. Or at least I've never been told I was ugly. Cute, pretty even beautiful. But not ugly. Though my mother likes to tell me 'that expression is ugly DeTamble, get rid of it' *rolls eyes*

    As for 27th. I guess he'd better hurry up and earn some money, erm or cows. And get some red cars! By the way, which family gets to choose the banana plantations location?

  9. ha sis,

    you's cute. Especially when it is me auctioning you off!!!!!!!!!

    Of course it is at our home. Where else would it be?