Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ginger and the Wolf II

Last, last Saturday Ginger called me, she wanted to go out. So off we went. I said I wanted to be home by 9pm, since I had to go to work early the next day and I was already extremely sleep deprived. I was home by nine. I was just about to go to bed and then Ginger calls me again. Before I go any further I would just like to clear up something: Wolf, is pretty much out of the picture, Young Wolf is in and from now on when I write Wolf I mean Young Wolf.

Gin - "Tambles!! HELP!! Wolf just called me and he's back from Tasmania and he's got a night before he goes to Sydney and he wants me to meet him at Uber! You have to come with me! I'm too nervous to go by myself!!! PLEASE!!!"

DeT - "Go out? Now?!?! But! It's already 11pm!! I was about to go to sleep!!!"

Gin - "Plllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseee! I'll have you home by 1am! I PROMISE!!"

DeT - "Fine. 1am. Latest."

And so out we went again. To Uber, a club I hate! And we were there for an hour looking for Wolf. We couldn't contact him because Ginger's phone suddenly broke and he just wasn't texting back when we used my phone. In the end she gave up and we went home. Turns out he didn't show because he fell asleep. He said all his friends were really annoyed and when he woke up he had 47 missed calls. 47 calls in less than 8 hours... Dude is popular :-D

They met up for their first date last Wednesday. They didn't have sex. Though they did end up lying completely naked on his bed and apparently he is rather well endowed ;-)

She went over to his house again on Sunday night and yes, they shagged! So she did last until the 2nd date after all...

He's very nice she says. And rich. And gets sent around Australia for work. He's in Sydney right now. He hasn't had girlfriend in two years. He likes to go rock climbing and he lost his licence on Monday for drink driving. She tried to tell him that she is only 19, but she chickened out and said 20.

He used to be a drug lord...mainly cocaine....


  1. Okay, so you are really tight with your friend and all. Drug lord. Hmm. :o)
    Blood money. Flee! Flee, DeTamble's friend, flee!

  2. Det, australians have like the crappiest accents ever!!!! worse than scotland accent. and our accent rocks!!!!
    now to read
    i am done fighting

  3. rock climbing??????
    white guys are sooooooo boring!!!!

  4. @27th: Flee :-D

    @Antipop: Crappiest accents ever? Good. Because then I can tie you up and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk until you can no longer stand it and plead for death!!!

    And yes, I think rock climbing is boring. But Ginger likes him and that's what counts. What do Ugandan boys like to do? Fuck in banana plantations?

  5. plus Det seriously, you need to stop telling other people's sex lives. i would rather that long awaited tell-all on Hunk . why do you deny us? why?

  6. hahaha. you know Det, you might be right about the fucking in the banana plantations thing. second best activity, is to slck around and scratch their disgusting balls

  7. I deny you for your own good. I will write. One day. And your eyes will widen with shock.

    Well I'd rather rock climb than watch someone scratching their balls. Though I'd much rather fuck in banana plantations...

  8. Ok that last part: *he used to be a drug lord*... completely floored me.
    Your friend: she's like very brave. :)

  9. LOL @ antipop, DeT.
    Drug-lord? *fascinating, infinitely so.

    Yeah, DeT, we would really like want to hear about Hunk, like soon! :D

  10. feedjit said i'm logging in from Ghana!!

    calm down...
    your friend might just as well make him a buddy, and not do him again...
    she gwan get heart broken..
    he hasn't had a GF in 2 years coz it's simple...
    Easy Lays... c'mon for real... 2 dates...

    unless she just wants to have fun...

    f**king in the banana plantations..
    who are you hanging with?

    So, that er hunk story would be dope!

    Innit funny the way the speak strain-ing their words...

    And @Princess
    More LOLs

  11. i soo no how it feels to get ropped into stuff in the name of friend helping!!!!!

    drug lord??.. hook me up?

  12. @tandra;eh are you for real you gal?
    @b2b;man out there people dish it out like takeaway.Two dates is something bambi.
    @dtam;Ginger is heading for a heart break,i hope she just did him for a no strings attached.
    And all those things about him sound shaddy

  13. Nah! u Lie...that drug Lord thing? U just put that there...cuz I was digging him but when I saw that cocaine thing, I was crushed.

    But u tell a good she held out till the second date...nice with the self control.


  14. On the contrary antipop...I quite fancy the Aussie accents here. They are lovely and at least u can understand what they are saying without saying the irritating "pardons". Plus they are manly-cute not cuddly cute like this Scots. And they are so tanned...

    Lemme quit now before I post in yo comments section.

    And yeah, that guy is a PLAYA...47 missed calls, and he didn't hear..nah, me believes he was laying some other eggs.

    -Cheri again

  15. I was going to write a Hunk post but now I'm just going to leave this for the comments. So anyone who doesn't read comments, you really should, because you are about to miss out...sort of.

    I can't write much about Hunk because he is a secret. Literally a secret. In fact only my parents and Ginger, Bee and Amby know OF him. They don't know him though, none of them have met him and though they are bound to meet him eventually it probably won't be for a very long time. Also only my Mum and Ginger know his real name. The others I just said I liked him but I wasn't saying who and Ginger won't tell on me, she's very trustworthy, a bit like GUG. Hey Guggy! *waves!*

    Reason? He's rather well known and so anything that happens between us is secretive. And I mean secretive, think strange meetings at night where no other people are. I'm not allowed to write anything that could identify him, which is a pity, since I can't describe the way he looks, what he sounds like when he...ya know ;-) can't even tell you what his work is. Nothing. That's not to say I can never ever write something. Apparently there is a time limit, if it's still going on long enough it becomes 'official' and then I can write who he is, since it's bound to get out eventually.

    Anyway, I can say this: I met him through someone else. I thought he was a pompous arrogant arsehole and I pretty much point blank hated him and then one day he came to talk to me and for once I didn't clench my teeth and wish he would drop dead. And the world just fell away. Turns out we have a frightening amount in common, like seriously scary amount. I still think he is pompous and arrogant but so am I. Kindred spirits there, we're both full of ourselves.

    Anyway if you want to hear about dirty stuff I'd just like to remind you all that this isn't actually a porno here :P no matter what you all think! :-D

  16. And now for you actual comments :-D

    @Wilde: She is brave...or maybe stupid. Quite a fine line between those two. And you shoulda seen my face when she told me! I made her repeat herself three times!! I could hardly believe it!!! Totally floored!!

    @Princess: Hunk, read the above comment. Sorry. I would love to write more but I don't want to get in trouble with ppls.

    @B2B: Ghana hey? How...chocolatey of you! No he likes her and he is nice and not in the sleazy creepy I wanna shag you way. And he isn't really the playa type. He was totally shocked when she gave him her number. He's more of the outdoors kinda guy rock climbing/hiking *cough*freak*cough* and he's a total computer nerd. No playa there I'm afraid. I think she wants more than just fun.

    Banana plantations, what can I say. I like the outside thing. I hang with all sorts...even the occasional biker. (Princess :P)

    Straining our words? Huh? Let me come there and talk to you, since I don't think I strain my words. You can tell me first hand if I do. Maybe I can fix it.

    @Tandra: ex drug lord :-( I wanted some too. I ALWAYS wanted to try cocaine! No joke.

    @Duksey: Ohhh Ginger will be fine. And if not I have a lovely shoulder waiting for her tears and lots of soft hair she can rest her head against. And yeah, 2 dates is something! I don't usually even make it past the first 30 minutes of date 1. I like to try before I buy. Road test the goods before I waste my time.

    @Cheri: I'm not lying. Not at all. You like our accents? *falls upon knees* Cheri! You are my Goddess!! I am forever indebted to you!!

    47 missed calls, from about 8 people though. He has a very time consuming job and he really was asleep. Like he had gotten off a plane from Tasmania at 10pm and called Ginger to meet at 12am and then he had to be back on a plane to Sydney at 6:30am. He's a busy, busy man and he doesn't have time to go out laying eggs. It's why he was so surprised Ginger just didn't give up on him after it took so long for them to get together.

  17. This reads like work of fiction, but from the comments i guess it isn't?

  18. lol@ candy.. apparently not!

  19. hmmm...things "abound" in more ways than one..

  20. *I love Aussie accents! :D

    Lovely hearing *something about Hunk-

  21. *bows to Princess* Thank you too, kind Lady!

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