Monday, 7 April 2008

Blog Is Becoming A Burns Ward

UPDATE: I'm fine now, it's faded away, though it still stings to touch.


I got burnt. Something acidic came into contact with my cheek. No fear though, it isn't bad, it just stings like crazy! I spent a while discussing with my friends what it could be and what I should do. Our conclusions were thus:

I touched something at work and brushed my face without realising or I got bitten by some strange acid bug. Personally I think it was something at work. Whatever it was it's stopped burning into my skin now and is looking much better, even though it still stings badly :-(

What should I do? Should I just keep it extra clean and apply every single cream I own or should I go to the Doctors? What if I've caught some flesh eating virus? Well, the friend who mentioned the flesh eating virus was stared down and told not to speak again.

She didn't shut up though and the conversation was brought to an abrupt halt after her next comment.

"Maybe you should put some cum on your face, I've heard it's really good for skin."

I've also heard that this is true and apparently you can pay a months wage to buy anti-ageing skin cream that contains semen, which were all probably supplied by seamen.

I almost laughed at her, but she did have a point. Cum is the way to go for all things skin related. So, Comrade, you're quite seedy. Care to spare?


  1. :-o

    Christ of Nazareth. And I put the first comment [1], so there is nothing to shield me from the last line there, to stand between me and the ...

    Seed I have; bravery has failed me. :o)

    [1] I was going to write "I came first here ..." but that would play right into your hands, as English is limited in words.

  2. Holy crap. Rev, you walked right into that one bruh.

    I say take your burn to a medic, they might have a different angle to it, and since its your face, the more attention should be paid to it.

    After that you may hit Rev up for that herbal cream, with all the vegetation he smokes and all [pun more than intended]

  3. I'm loving all this play on words!
    "I came first here..."

  4. Just make sure you don't get herpes from it. Nothing will burn more than the acid on your face. Except for people LAUGHING AT YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE HERPES ON YOUR FACE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

    Don't worry, I'm sure they won't. Well... no to your face, anyway :P

  5. @Dom: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Herpes! Who says I haven't got herpes already? :P Okay, so I don't and I don't think my source has it either :P

    LOL! HERPES!!! Eh, Dom, you make me laugh!