Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Maisha iko sawa na Trust.

A few years ago I saw a Trust condom ad and it blew my mind. Awesome! Sexy! Practically Orgasmic! Who ever thought up those ads, I'll give you the life of my firstborn.

I've seen a lot of sexually related things and I have to say that the Trust ads are my favourite!
Even though that Gothic picture book my friend Bee bought recently is excellent, it still will never replace Trust as my favourite thing.

The first Trust ad I saw was the Umbrella one. Can I just say, wow! It's so, and on the umbrella, and oh my god, so, so long...hmm mmm *giggles* Anyway...moving along. I saw the ad, it was sent my way by a forward email and I've been trying to find it again for a while. I had given up though, since I couldn't remember much about it and if you type condom ad into YouTube, well even I baulk at 1,820 results. Today, the song on the ad was playing on the radio and I got the lyrics, found the song and found the ad! :-D Ohhhhhh I am HAPPY! Not only have I got the ad but I found another two!!! If you don't suffer from 3rd World internet I suggest you go watch them! Even if you've seen them before, because I'm watching them for, oh, say the 123rd time and it's still, ya know ;-)

Water bottle.

I want to try Trust now. I don't know if they're any good but with an ad like that, I am SO there!! Can't get them in Australia. You can get them in Africa though, and I have always wanted to shag my way around the world. So, here's to saving some money and getting some Trust.

Good thing I'm turning 20 soon though. I was worried I'd run out of counting room on my fingers before 20 and frankly, that would look slutty :P


  1. Third world internet?
    *right here
    It'll take a while for this stuff to load, but I'll see.

    And shag your way around the world?
    You're NOT 20 yet?What! Hmm-

  2. Well, what do you know? I actually got meself a firstie! :D

  3. @Princess: I know! Firstie! I am as impressed as you are! :-D

    Yes, shag my way around the world. I've only done Australia, Denmark and Italy. I've got a long way to go. I'm not sure if I should do it per continent on per country. Or per region, like Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, America and do I have to go there or would a person from there who is over here do?

    And no, I'm not 20 yet. You and I are the same age I think. The Babies. :-D

  4. I'm doing a World shag, too. Only me, it's not nationalities. It's ... peoples.

    We have Trust condoms here ... ;o)

  5. I think you have to go there...:D

  6. LOL, DeT, great ad [umbrella]! Cute guy...

  7. you're <20 years old...
    And you want to "shag" you way around the world...
    Lemme know when you reach this place...
    that ad was hlarious!

  8. when i want to shag my way around the world, i just go to bed, and dream of all the exotic guys ever lived. i have done it very many times. and you are not yet twenty????
    really detamble

  9. @27th: I know ;-)

    @Princess: Yeah, I agree. Go there! And can you say 'Eye Candy'!?! Tell me who you think is the hottest after you've watched all three!!

    @B2B: I'll let you know.

    @Antipop: What is it with everyone and me not being 20? I'm 19. Okay. See, 19. I'm turning 20 later this year. In fact, if you include the time difference Comrade and I share our birthday.

  10. Gosh,

    this is what I dont want to know.


    And I have decided to be your brother. The things that I will suffer on your behalf!!!!!!

    Well, too late, for me.

    Something new on my blog for you

    [scurrying away, hand over the eyes]


  11. *maisha iki sawa na trust*.... I loved those ads!Now how in the world did you get to see then all the way in Australia? My favorite is the one in which the sultry mechanic fixes the car radiator? with the trust condom. Now thats my kind of man right there!

  12. urm... yeah Kiswahili is my first language and I typoed it!!! *embarrased* maisha IKO sawa na trust!

    I feel much better now.

  13. Shag around the world! And not yet 20! Well my advice is that sample Africa last n especially Uganda.I hear once you go black you never go back...
    Oh and you don't even have to save for Trust.Some organisation gives them our free here or they cost like Shs500 which is less than a dollar lol

  14. @GUG: Sorry, I'll try to limit these, don't want you to suffer to much because of me :-(

    @Wilde: What does maisha iko sawa na Trust mean exactly? And there are more Trust ads?!?!? *wails* why doesn't YouTube have them!!! A sultry mechanic one? Ohhh ME WANTS!!!

    @Duksey: Yes, I've heard that too. I'm a little worried actually. Imagine getting so hooked any other guy looks like nothing. Someone once said "Now I've tasted chocolate and I'm never going back!" You can get FREE condoms?? OMG!! Where do I sign up?!?!?!

  15. 'maisha iko sawa na trust' means that life's good with trust. (very good ;)..

    BTW those ads were shot in Kenya and if you squint just a little bit in one of them ( I aint saying which), you can see one of my baby sisters. (she was in big trouble with me for being in a condom ad!)Lol.. says the gay African man.

    And lastly, aren't Kenyan men HOT or what? Now you see why I walk around in a perpetual state of... urm, * coughs...
    Sorry too much info?

  16. You have a sister who got to be in a Trust ad??? You should be so proud!! I know I would be!!!

    And yes, I know see why you suffer so. Kenyan men are HOT!!! Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very HOT!!! *moans*

    Not too much info btw :P Feel free to add more ;-)

  17. So we'll see you in Kenya soon...? (I'm Kenya's pimp - thats my other job description)

  18. @wilde.... and DeT, wat's this shit u have going? sounds porno like. but in a good way. so DeT, feel free to moan away. btw, do u ever sleep?

  19. @Wilde: It'll probably be Uganda, which is a pity because I've just realised how hot you Kenyans are!!

    @Antipop: Sleep? Not really. I used to, in those far off days of about a month ago. Now I'd be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night. Though last night I only got 2 :-( Don't ask what I'm doing though, I'll only lie. I'm sure one day I'll post about it though...eventually. When it is safe.

  20. U speak Swa????

    Man, what are the chances that a white girl can speak swa... unless of course...

    U're still a teenager? Boy, wat I'd give no tto grow a year older...

    Lemme check ou tthe links.


  21. Okay Okay, hold yo fire people...I see where the swa comes from. The AD. Relax already.

    Ducking from bombs hurled my way from 31337...


  22. So are Ugandan men Det... They are HOT. U shd see my dude.

  23. Noooo!!! I won't give up. Here'a little nugget to entice you further.
    He's a popular Kenyan artiste appropriately called "Nameless"
    The song is in Swanglish (Swahili/English) so you'll catch the drift.
    Link below....


  24. @Cheri: Haha about 31337 and yeah, I noticed those Ugandan boys. I haven't forgotten that Acholi boy, I swear to god my jaw hit the sidewalk!! LOL I always liked those aryan boys before, never noticed the African ones and then he walked past and I've still haven't recovered :P my eyes were like practically popping out of my skull hahaha

    @Wilde: I liked that :-) Got any more? I can't believe that girl had a guy, what a let down!! and wasn't it cute when the boy sat in the wheelbarrow :P

  25. I was also disappointed when it got to the end. All along I'd been thinking gang bang!!! but then not everyone is as perverted...urm...creative as I am.

    You wanted more Kenyan fineness- here's some. Song is crap but the artists are great to look at. This is Kenyan dance hall.


  26. Is it just me or are Kenyans sluttier than Ugandans?

    This is sweet, me likes those gyrating hips :-D

    Had to watch it several times to even begin to soak in the goodness :P
    I really wish that mechanic ad was on YT.

  27. i am kenyan, i am hot. just let me know when you are...around.