Monday, 14 April 2008

Ginger and the Wolf

Right you pushy lot!! Here's what happened:

NOTHING! Except some woman told me I was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.
And as we walked away my friend said she only thinks that because of the way you look, if she knew you she'd never have said that. Why? Because according to my friend I could quite happily slit someone's throat and that makes me scary and evil, even though I do look gorgeous.

I'm afraid, Antipop, that there are no juicy details and the reason for this is because of what took place a few weeks before.

Ginger is 19 and has liked her boss, Wolf (37) for about eight months. A few times Wolf has driven her home and they've had a bit of a kiss but nothing impressive since he is actually unavailable. He also left work recently and so we all told Ginger that she had to find a new man to perve on. Of course she didn't listen to us and just as we had given up hope of ever distracting her with a new man, she finds one! We were out, dressed up nicely and watching Flamingo Crash playing at QPAC. Cheri, this is another band I know, I went to school with the drummer and dated one of it's former members, which is why I was there, being social. Ginger, Bee and I, sitting at a table, casually looking around and then Ginger spots him! He's tall and thin and has light brown hair, he almost looks like a young Wolf, except one crucial difference, he's only 33! The night wears on and we urge her (mainly me) to give him her number. She's a little chicken though and doesn't. Eventually I get so fed up I go outside and try to find a small amount of sanity by dialling my friend, his number has that annoying lady going 'this number is unavailable, please call again later'. I tried it again and got the same thing so I sat on the grass and listened to the accented lady until it cut out. Went back inside and finally, FINALLY Ginger worked up the courage to slip him her number. On a Chanel Allure perfume card, lucky him. She said text me, he said he would and smiled. And he did. They've been texting constantly for the past week and a half. This is why nothing of note happened on Friday, because she thought that she liked this new 'Young Wolf' better. Until about midnight on Friday when she texted me to say that she loved Wolf and was definitely going to drive over to his new work to see him and she was sad because she hadn't done anything with him because she was confused by the 'Young Wolf'. Though Wolf did kiss her and cuddle her as he was saying goodbye...

Now, Young Wolf. Ginger was supposed to see him early last week except she got blind drunk and threw up and had to leave the club before he got there. Idiot girl!! Then they were supposed to meet up on Saturday, but he didn't text back with the details so instead she came over here to watch Coupling with me and bitch. Turns out he was rock climbing until late. They're supposed to be meeting up tomorrow night, I hope they manage it!! She's also lied about her age, she's now 23, not 19. I wonder how that lie is going to go...

Gin - I'm not going to fuck him until the second date.
DeT - I wouldn't even wait for the first date to be over.
Gin - That's slutty.
DeT - Slutty? Well it wasn't me who shagged my friends boyfriend in a paddock.
Gin - That was one time!! And I want to get to know this guy, what if he turns out to be a total sleaze?
DeT - So maybe you should sleep with him and see, you know, road test.
Gin - Shut up DeTamble!
DeT - *smirks*

She may not be 'slutty' but she's not exactly shy about her body. The night we were watching Flamingo Crash and she gave him her number and I got that annoying 'phone is unavailable' message she got practically naked in public.

Streets Beach at Southbank, a very popular man-made beach, located in the 'Cultural' area of the City. We were walking back to the car after the band and there were some Poms swimming and we stopped to stare for a moment and they called us over and asked if we wanted some wine and if we'd go swimming with them. Of course we wanted wine! What a stupid question! And as if we wouldn't go swimming! We had no clothes for swimming though, not that it was ever going to be a problem. Dropped our bags, jackets, shoes, earrings and necklaces onto the sand and bomb dived! It was colder then I expected!! Had a great time until Ginger got too cold and asked me if we could go home. So out we got, gathered up our pile of dumped items and jumped back down onto the river board walk (I estimated our pile of stuff we just left by itself was easily worth over AUD$3000 and I'm not even counting the clothes we were wearing into the water). We were cold! Soaked, dripping water everywhere! I think our jeans must have taken half the water with them. So cold we stopped in the middle of the path, dropped our things and pulled our shirts and bras off. Don't worry, it was night time and it wasn't particularly crowded. Only six people saw our half nakedness as we struggled to pull dry jackets over wet skin. Some guy walked past and gave us the thumbs up and whistled. When we got to the car Ginger pulled all of her clothes off! Yep, butt-naked and standing next to her car (the street was pretty deserted), didn't even try to hide when a car drove past. Even I'm not that game. So I'm curious, if she's that open, is she going to make it to the second date with no sex?


  1. Raconteuse nonpareil; that's all. *shakes head* You do tell a nice tale nice.

  2. Got lost somewhere up there so i shall proceed and comment about the lovely weather we are having over here. I love the rain, golly!! Puddles to splash on hapless pedestrians, or at least encourage them to abandon all dignity and take to their heels before you slow down and not splash them after all.

  3. Lol 31337 (drama king)

    Anyhow, Ginger is a nice twist to the coventional girl...She even gives herself a few more years??? Shit, I just subtract from mine. Maybe I shd give her some of mine.

    I hate to badger u abou thtis, but I'm waiting for the news from the 1st date. Ginger and Young Wolf. Sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Had to do that.

    I normally give it about a month b4 I break code but seeing as Ginger only gives herself 2 dates, makes me think I'm so backward!

  4. @27th: *shakes head back* You should be used to me by now.

    @Drama King: Dude! You have a threesome and I say one little thing and suddenly you're talking about the weather????

    @Cheri: Well, as soon as I get the news I shall post! I doubt it'll be great, I guess we'll find out soon. :-( Feel free to badger though! :-D

    A month? God, I don't even last a full first date! Makes me so...well 31337 called me a trollop.

  5. LOL at butt-naked on the street, wait till second date Ginger!

  6. like the way u told the tale.

    first time here

  7. Flamingo Crash got all the way to the QPAC ey? Well LAH-DI-DAH :P Mind you, they DID support Operator Please. See, I keep up to speed. With somethings at least :P

    Also, damn you DeTamble, you have much more an interesting life than I do. Only place my friends want to go out is the Valley or the Casino. Which is difficult considering that I AM BROKE YOU NON-UNI ALMOST FULL TIME BUT NOT QUITE WORKING BASTARDS!!!!!

    Sorry... Lost myself for a second there

  8. Butt naked on the streets?! Ha try it out here and you will see a crowd coming your way
    @ Cheri a month could be long but her second date could be in another year since they keep missing to see each other *wink*

  9. @Uzezi: Welcome!

    @Dom: They made it to Japan, they just got back. Later this year they're booked to go to New York and they may be signing a contract for London as well. And HAHAHA you broke bastard :P Come to Southbank with me and we broke babies can hang out togeth!

    @Be Silent: Yeah, even I was shocked and not a lot shocks me! I wouldn't get naked like that, okay I have, but not on a city suburb street! Especially not in that particular suburb! I guess she was just lucky that it was Friday night since then everyone is in the city centre getting drugged out of their minds and not near their houses :D

  10. Oh DeTambs..
    you're good..
    really good.
    It's like i was there...
    as Young Wolf's homeboi

    Impressed as well

    but seriously, the dude in the paddock, and she could climb the real wolf...
    Aww C'mon DeTambs..

    the 2nd date will set the tone of the sex...
    speaking of which, did you er...
    ok that's for another day!
    nice blog

  11. couldn't climb the real wolf*

  12. "A date with no sex"- boggles the mind.

  13. @B2B: Thanks and yeah, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, it's for another day.

    @Wilde: I KNOW!!! Boggles my mind too!! I don't even make it on the first date usually. I tend to skip the date and go straight to the sex...