Friday, 25 April 2008


Where oh where have the Blogren gone? It's already midday and there are no UBHH posts up? What's wrong with you all? Gah! I hope you all have massive hang overs and are suffering from head splitting headaches and severe nausea!


  1. *left eye twitches* I like AM being at tad patient!

  2. got deadlines to beat at work. put a post about BHH def coming up soon. maybe you should consider taking this time off and go to bed like all normal people. btw, you would def love 27th.

  3. Oh yes, the deadlines. *stares at assignment* Full time work and full time Uni means I don't get to sleep :-D

    27th that good huh? :-) Niiiiice!

    Looking forward to those posts ppl! *attempts to look menacing*

  4. What time is it over there??

  5. Just about to go 9pm. So not too late at the moment. I'm 7 hours ahead of you. Which makes me 7 hours cooler :P LOL nah! I kid, I kid! Don't hurt me Sis!!!

  6. where are these posts? picks up a rock and stands behind DeTamble come on lads and lasses, hop to it!

  7. 31337!! I was wondering where you'd been! Come on you lazy bunch! Some of us couldn't make it all the way to Mateo's, for geographical reasons! We're living through your eyes! So do as he says and hop to!!

  8. 7 hours cooler huh!
    that's a nice one DeTambs...

    real nice...

    I hear you on the deadlines thing!
    i wonder if DeTambs will ever hit base!

  9. @B2B: Ohhh :-D Good thing you said something cause I was thinking it was from that anonymous guy over at Princess's. And I was about to say something scathing. But since it's you! :-D

    Hit base? Hmmm. I can think of several things that means...

  10. *stares at bank balance sorrowfully* Well, I would. But I've only got $1000, that's not even good for half a ticket. *sulks*

  11. @DeTambs
    chic you are indeed skint!

    i thought you was headed this side in the summer

    Hmmn you wanna hit base huh!!
    (mind-wandering and wondering too!!)

    Yeah, DeTambs had better stop whining!!

  12. Whoooops,

    DeT will not be anything but herself....

  13. I have stopped whining...and anyway at least I wasn't the one threatening you with a rock to the head. And yeah, I may drop by...may, it depends on...stuff... :-D

  14. nooooooooooo! don't stop whining, and please pick those bricks up again. stones nt bricks? ok. whatever pick them up again. the BHH posts are not done yet. how many people went to Mateo's? that's how many versions of BHH we are looking for!
    budger them already!

  15. Oh they're a bunch of lazy fucks this week! Only Antipop has posted! But that's because she's awesome! Everyone else sucks! Anyone who hasn't posted by Monday afternoon can expect spamming!!