Friday, 11 April 2008


I hate being obliged to do anything, such as now, where I'm going to a dinner party thingy. It's for our boss who has left us to go to another store. Can I just say that I do not fucking want to go and in actual fact I'd rather sit here on the computer till three am, yet again, reading about the history of Islam. Under normal circumstances I would have said NO because I'm an anti-social little cow, but this time I said yes, because if I don't go I run the very real risk of being beaten up by my friend! My friend, who is the only reason I'm going, is in love with the boss. She's 19 and he's 37. That's really not the point though, the main thing is he has a girlfriend who he's been with for a whole DECADE!!! 10 YEARS!!!! And she's FAT! and UGLY! and FUCKING FAAAAAAT! And a bitch! Last time my friend and I went out to a concert and they were there and we were ignoring them because it would be awkward if we went and said hi and she was evil eyeing us from like 40 meters away. Her and all her fat ugly friends were staring us down and we weren't doing anything! SHE TOTALLY HATES US! Mainly hates my friend but still I'm included because I'm my friends backup. Which is why I am going tonight, because my friend wants to tell our ex-boss that she wants to fuck him. And I have to go to hold her hand for courage.

I reckon she's going to chicken out and not tell him though and I'll have gone and it'll have been a waste of time. But because, surprisingly, I'm actually a good friend I will go and I wont berate her when she chickens long as she does it by 9:30 because I promised someone else I would go and watch his band play.

Why do I bother having friends? They always want me to do things and I just want to stay home and study!


  1. That friend of yours wants to walk up to him and declare that intention? :-o
    I always think girls are jesting when they say that. I had one say it, last weekend.

    Plus, it's unfair: when I say it, they just slap me.

  2. Well at first she was thinking of giving him a really fucking sexy pair of panties, lace, tiny as all fucking hell and writing her number on them. But, ya know, that would be effortful and we are a generation of laziness so she decided against it.

  3. ha! study indeed. maybe study history of the great men and women that make up the 8th world wonder(blogsville). u better come back wit juicy details about your slutty(sue me) friend

  4. Aw i am Fat and sometinmes bitchy do we know each other? Just kidding... Oh my just like Antipop waiting for the night after.

  5. Hehe, I once had my friend's back and I got a severe lashing too. My friend go t worse but twas fun!!!

    So, tell us about the episode where she tells him.

    Oh, and I wish I had a friend with a band!

  6. No hating on the fat people!
    But episode please!

  7. Ah yes, study. From the latin word bulla. Meaning to "sit in front of a computer being distracted by the internet and games until you realise its 4am and your exam is in a few hours and you haven't started yet."

    Also, yes, I DID look up the actual word, so there *sticks out tongue. It's not MY fault it sounds like an ice cream company.

  8. yes, what happened? some going away present your former boss was going to get!

  9. DeT, your post is up at mine!