Thursday, 28 February 2008

Alcoholics Anonymous

I Eat Dinner - Rufus Wainright is my song for the day. Yesterday too.

I can't remember what I wanted to write about, my mind is a total blank. Maybe I've finally killed off too many brain cells.

@Scotchbiscuit, Sydney got massively flooded when a months worth of rain fell in 1 hour. And a couple of weeks ago somewhere else in Aus got a 10years of rain in less than a week. So now would be a great time to visit if you always wanted to row down the streets :P

I got a text at 5 this morning from my bf asking me to take his wallet into work because he forgot it and needed food for lunch. Instead of catching the bus there I decided to walk, it's only a 21/2 hour walk. Got halfway and I looked down and there was a beautiful little nest lying under a tree so I picked it up to have a look and it was warm. Now I've picked up nests before and they've never been warm. It wasn't sunny either because it was raining. I looked down and there was a tiny brown speckled egg and I picked it up and it was warm too. I looked for another egg but I didn't see one. Long story short, I gave the egg and nest to the vet. I was going to take it home and keep it warm but I don't have time for an egg! I wonder if the vet threw it in the bin? Hmmm. I don't think so though, there are very strict and enforced laws about wildlife here. It's probably gone to a wildlife carer. My bf got his wallet too and the egg got to go on two buses. For free. Also a muscle in my leg that I didn't even know I had started to ache after only an hour!

@Cheri, the baby from the last post is out of hospital now and is absolutely perfect. In fact it's so perfect they should probably name it DeTamble.

Two fisherman at Byron Bay were shipwrecked and one of them hung onto an esky lid whilst the other swam for TEN hours back to shore to get help! TEN HOURS!! Oh my God!! I'm amazed he survived, if the sharks didn't get him (hahaha) then the rifts were sure to suck him down. The dude must be like a superhero or something.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a call from Bee saying that they dyed Amby's hair brown now. See yesterday I got called to go over to Amby's flat to dye her hair blonde. So Bee and I mixed up the stuff and put it in her hair and then wrapped her head in Glad Wrap (plastic wrap, for sandwiches and the such). Tom (my bf/Doctor Who) stood around laughing and telling me to wipe the dye of her face with the towel. Amby refused to leave it in long enough so it turned out yellow/gold and not blonde! I kind of liked the colour but Bee, Amby and Tom weren't happy with it. So off we went for a walk to the supermarket cause we were all to pissed to drive, except me but I don't even have my learners yet (really need to get it soon!). Amby gave me her bank card cause she was too embarrassed to come inside with us. So I bought a whole lot of food with her card, SUCKER! Now you're even poorer than you were before! We spilled tomato pasta sauce on her cream carpet too, it goes well with the red wine which we spilled last time :D Since last night Amby has had her hair dyed 3 times, twice blonde and now Bee called to say they just dyed it brown. Poor Amby, I hope it didn't sting her scalp to bad.

Also we watched the shower scene in Rambo I for Bee's sake. She's obsessed with him, worse than I am with Kate, if that's possible. Then we searched for the porn Rambo was in but we only found the preview, boooooring! So instead we watched some lesbians getting it on. It wasn't porn. It was a sex scene from a tv show and it was HOT! I totally understand why guys like it. Ahhhh, Fuck Me, They Were So Hot! Okay, stop thinking about it now DeTamble!! Seriously girl, just stop! *takes a deep breath* Anywho, yesterday I drank my first Absinthe, and my first Gin. 27th I'm telling you now I'm not a Gin girl, I'm a Port girl. Perhaps you could make a port out of you fermented nectar instead? ;) Since when do Ugandans kill tourists? Speaking Arabic at an airport can get you arrested?? But that's where I always practise my Arabic. Damn, maybe I should start learning a new language. Can Luganda get you arrested at airports?
I too like tripod jokes :) Would the funny Britcom be Coupling by any chance? I hope it is because I LOVE that show! I own that show!

I've just remembered what I wanted to blog about now. New post coming ever so shortly...


  1. Australia is a land of extremes, eh? Once, the rain just says No. I read somewhere that AU was having the worst drought in decades, in some places. Then this. Showers to drown everything. Aussie climate is a moody girl. :o)

    I kept a bird in my school desk for long, back then. We took nice care of it. Some nestling had fallen, and I bothered to save it. Then its fate became my business. I kept it until it ... died. :o( But it grew before my eyes. Many weeks.

    Swimming ten hours ... Um, someone is on drugs ...
    But I believe we are all capable of weird superhero shit, but won't do it until the alternative is worse than looking that extreme in the face.
    Then again, I'd just pull out a phone and call. ;o)

    I find porn largely just off-putting. Turning off. I can't stand much of it. Except, of course, lesbian stuff. But still, explicit scares me. Maybe I'm just an over-conservative idiot. I think my mind makes the best kind of porn (sits well with me, without being boring ...).

    Ugandans don't kill tourists ... Well, not usually. I know of like three cases where that happened. But considering the number who come here, the three can be called bad luck. Do Australians kill them?

    Hey, don't practice Arabic at the airport. The world has like gone mad. They equate Arabic with terrorist intent. Of course, me I'd speak it if I were into it. My Arabic is negligible. Very tiny. :o( But I like languages. Maybe I'll do it for real, some time. Luganda would only go as far as twisting your mind. I think Chinese may even be easier. Luganda is easy for me, but I see people struggling badly with it. :o) English is cheap. I have a weird list I want to learn. Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish. Among others.

    You toast a Port, I toast a Sprite. I'm that non-daring. :o)

    Was it Coupling? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! :o) Best fuckin' Brit sticom since Mind Your Language.

  2. Man, Rev...u posted a post up in hurr... I even lost my way somewhere.

    DeTamble, that baby was so lucky.

  3. Now, can u put that post up so I score socks and boots!