Sunday, 24 February 2008

Strange Days On Planet DeTamble

I tend to have random flashes, an idea, a feeling, a thought. These were today's:

1. I adore my country, but only in a senses way, don't care for the people or government.
2. I find twins highly intriguing, probably because I know none.
3. I wish I knew more about jazz.
4.I miss my (step)daddy, I want to see him.
5. I like watching Miss Marple.
6. I love the sexual tension between David Tennant and Sophia Myles (she's so hot) in The Girl In The Fireplace.
7. I love the song Suo Gan.
8. Welsh accents send my heart a fluttering.
9. I really, really, really like Empire of the Sun, it's the first movie I can remember watching.

I saw Rambo IV. I did not want to see this - AARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH I just had a jumping ant on me *cries like a baby*. If that had bitten me I would have been sooooooo screwed!!!! - not because I could quite happily have died yesterday but because I actually just didn't want to see the movie. Not even a little bit. B, A, T ( lol bat) and I went. I had been expressly told I would not be piking on the movie. Even though I really wanted too!! So I went.

As we were walking over the bus way A said to me " You know DeTamble every time I see you I think you can't say anything more shocking and appallingly then the thing you said last time we hung out but now I know you can always reach a new high."

Me- "What?! When did I last shock or appal you?"
A - "Yesterday!! I can't believe what you said about that boy in the drain!"
Me - "Oh right, sorry I forgot I said that."
I forgot to ask what I had said that had shocked and appalled her as we walked across the bus way to make her say that in the first place. I'm sure it was something terrible, as usual.

B had said that the movie was a B-grade action movie. Turned out it was a bloody, violent murder porn movie!!! Poor A couldn't watch it at all so I gave her my iPod to listen to the Juno soundtrack and she sat with her eyes closed for most of the movie, poor girl. I watched it though, there was only once that I hid behind my hair and didn't look. My heart was pounding, so much adrenaline. When I walked out of the cinema I felt like I was on drugs. It was intense. And the rape scenes. I hate rape. It's disgusting. I would rather die then be raped. Really, just kill me first. Don't care what you do with the body just let me go first. If it was just one person I would try to hurt them, anything I could do. I'd circumcise them with my teeth if I could. Do you think that would hurt them? I hope so.

The movie made me feel a little sick actually. I was a little shell shocked. The one thing I really liked though was the guy who towards the end Rambo leaves with the girl. I WANT his gun! It was fucking awesome! I don't know exactly what it was but I fucking want it! That gun and the guy shooting it, best bit out of the whole movie! I loved those bits!!!

Afterwards we sat in the park. A was meeting her sister who has come down from up north. A is the coolest person. She says she gonna tell her sister she's a lesbian. Her family are well, very religious homophobic racists to be quite honest. Typical northerners, apart from the religious bit. Anyway I don't know why she has to tell her sister. Why not keep the family in the dark, she hardly ever sees them anyway. I reckon she should stay in the closet when it comes to her family. There's plenty of room in her closet, since she seems to fit all of us in just fine.

When I was sitting in the cinema with them and I thought, I just love hanging out with them, they're the coolest friends anyone could want. It's such a high to be around them. I always go home with my ribs aching because I've laughed so much. Actually maybe I should stop hanging out with them, I'm sure they're adding to my wrinkle count. Laughter lines my arse, those are just wrinkles!!

On another topic, Rambo related though. Urgh Rambo. B loves Rambo! She reckons he soooo hot. Even now that he's like 70 and powered up on testosterone injections! She loves him, she wants his cock. Ewwwwww! GROSS! I don't get it! How can she like Rambo??

On the other hand she doesn't understand why I want Morgan Freeman. His voice is so hot and his fluffy hair and ohhhh my god he's soooooo hot. Alan Rickman too. Ahhhh they can take me anytime.

Oh and Kate Maberly. *Swoons* Oh Kate if only you were mine.

I would want for nothing more.


  1. As I score firsties!!!! Lemme go back an read!


  2. First off, I like the new template.

    Then, even if u drove me to the cinema and put me at gun point, I'd not even go thru 15 minutes of Rambo... I last watched an action movie about 20 yrs ago.


  3. I adore your country too! thanks for the headsup on Australia you left on my page. No one has made me see Rambo yet...but I have an ex whose special talent is taking me out to see a 'guy' movie for old times sake...

  4. I'm a twin! :o) Not that I am particularly fond of that fact, but still. I is.

    I love my country, within reason. Try to clear up what I don't like (not blind patriotism, you know ...).

    Also ... Kate Maberly is a girl. I thought that list was for guys only ... Now I see a girl, and that make the list cooler. ;o)
    And, no, I can't stand watching a 70-year-old on testosterone shots. Insults my sense of proportion. :o)