Friday, 1 February 2008

Go Away Feline Face!

I have a cat called Ribbon, actually I have 5 cats, used to be 6 but that one decided we weren't good enough for him so he buggered off to the neighbours who were only too happy and renamed him Sylvester and gave him a shiny collar with a bell and an ID tag. Stuck up poncy animal! Anyway Ribbon the cat I was wanting to write about is around 10 and sheds like it was going out of fashion. She's one of those cats that always wants attention ALL THE TIME!! Argh! Can't she go bother someone else! As soon as you sit down she comes swarming over with her tabby fur wanting and meowing and staring imploringly up at you and so you give in and pat her. Like right now for instance, when I was busy brushing my hair and reading Nathan's blog and I stopped patting her because you know, I actually have better things to do. Turns out ignoring her is the wrong thing to do because when I looked over at her she had the most EVIL expression I've ever seen!

I've given in again, I gave her my foot to fawn over since she has no problem being patted by my foot. Not like the other cats who are so posh they scratch me if I even dared to think about lending them my dirty foot.


  1. Um ... Hi, De Tamble. :o)

    I'm clawing my way back into what was once my domain. And I is watchin' ya. :o)

  2. Also ... is that DeTamble name French? As in Dominic Devillepin? Just a curious lay-about. Mind me not. :o)

  3. dont you love the way cats behave like you are leaving in their space, and you must be the butler that the job agency sent over?

    BTW that's a lot of cats