Tuesday, 26 February 2008


PNG (Papua New Guinea). The country next to mine. A husband and wife were accused of witchcraft because their neighbour died. They were hung in a tree in the middle of the night. Luckily the nooses were loose so they managed to escape but during that time the lady, out of shock, gave birth to her baby while still hanging from the tree and trying to hang onto the rope so she could breath! WTF were the villagers who hung them thinking? ARGH! And I live next to that country. It sucks. People who believe in witchcraft enough to hang someone else can go and suck on my hairy balls!!

How do you justify doing something like that?
"oh Yeah I know people die all the time and it didn't look suspicious at all but you know that husband and wife were his nearest neighbours so they must be witches and obviously because they were his nearest neighbour they would have definitely killed him. I'll go take the law into my own dangerously misguided and stupid hands and go and hang them in the dead of night when they're not expecting it."

Sometimes I look at the world and I just want to shoot myself.


  1. Before u shoot yourself,, tell me what happened to the baby the lady popped. I hope it's very well.

    It's things like that that spell the end. Very soon, we'll answer to our creator.


  2. Eh, we are all doing this from time to time. Sure, the witchcraft reason looks ickier, but it is the same madness that gets people arrested for speaking Arabic at an airport, for example.

    The world is uniformly shitty. :o(