Saturday, 9 February 2008


What do you mean I used up my 7GB monthly limit and now I have to use normal dial up speed? It's only the 9th! You mean I'm stuck with this, this arrrgggghh!!! DIAL UP!!! This is Australia! I Demand To Have Privileged Internet!! You Fucking ISP Schmucks!! Can't you see Japan over there, you know that other island slightly north and to the right? Our closest "cool" neighbour!!!! The country with the fastest internet? Are you BLIND? Why do I only have 7GB a MONTH????

Oh, and one more thing.

John Howard, SCREW YOU!


Kevin Andrews, I'm looking forward to the day a large cube of frozen urine lands on your fat head!


  1. I am laughing my ass off right now. This is sooo funny - of course not for you - but still.

  2. those Japanese guys have it all together. I wonder when we (Uganda) shall ever get to their level. i mean, openning a page at some point of the day, one could forget what they wanted to search for in the first place. slow internet? try Ug.

  3. Some beef... I loved this...