Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Big Day

Den Store Dag! I love this movie! I got it when I was in Denmark, it's corny and so lovely. I rarely watch it though. It sits on the shelf, next to Doctor Who, Coupling, My Family, Kundun and Round The Twist. Then the longing hits. I miss Denmark, I don't know why, it wasn't that amazing and yet I miss it all the same. I can't pin exactly what it is I miss, but it's something, something which makes me sad knowing I don't have it. Confusing thing. Maybe it's the language, or the brisk air against my face. Either way, I miss it and so I cuddle up on the couch and watch Den Store Dag or The Julekalender or Rejseholdet or I call my ex just to hear him speak for a while. Gah, I'm so hopeless sometimes.

Hansi, even though du har de største tænder og det grimmeste tøj, you're still my favourite!


  1. socks!

    I don't really have anything to say 'coz i don't recognise all the movies.....

  2. You just wanted the socks! Thiever! :)

  3. Two of the best comedies of all time right there. Coupling and My family. Good times.

  4. Sweeeeeeet. Glad to see I'm not alone! :D

  5. @ de tamble: of course, i wanted them!