Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Time and Ice

There were two boys. They were both breathtakingly beautiful. They were both tall and thin and toned. With the handsome square shoulders some men are blessed with. One I served at work and I tried my hardest not to blush when he smiled at me. The second was on the bus home and as he stared at the world streaming past the window I stared at him.

He was so dark, the rest of the world paled into nothingness in comparison. So dark, so bold, so present. So present I was sure nothing had ever existed before him and that nothing could exist after him. So present he looked like time itself. His eyes were pitch black, like looking into a never ending abyss. I could have fallen for ever. All the beauty of the world was wrapped up inside him. Oh, and his hair, how I wish I could touch his tightly curled hair, so different from my own, so tempting.

I walked past him and he looked up at me with ice cold eyes. His ethereal beauty caught me off guard. His lips were like soft pink rose petals. His skin was fairer then mine, though he also had the same few small, dark freckles across his nose and cheeks. His hair was blond though his eyebrows were as black as mine. I found him gorgeous. His eyes, his skin, he looked like a ghost. Like he shouldn't be here, like he was in the wrong world. He held everything unseen in his eyes. The secrets of the universe lay hidden under the clear impenetrable ice. I wanted to touch him, he looked so forbidden. I wanted to kiss him.

I half thought he would feel like ice under my lips.


  1. To be frank, I didn't know - even expect - you were capable of this.

    (I know, I under-estimate a lot.)


  2. Ok
    Never commented before..
    Just curious...
    u didn't even attempt to say er...
    What time is it?

  3. And God in heaven knows I love that new blog header. To utter shreds, I love it. Must be the hottest thing I've seen this year. Christ.

  4. @27th: I bet it'd give GUG a hard on. You didn't think I was capable of what exactly? Writing that or feeling that?

    @b2b:What time is it? I'm sorry, I'm failing to see the double meaning/insinuation. Can you be clearer? Or do you really want to know the time?

    @27th: It's the header I always wanted, but I wasn't sure if I should. It's a little provocative. Captures my personality perfectly though...if you're lucky.

    @Cheri: Me too! It's so hot! Does it make you jealous?

  5. @27th: Have you just been sitting staring at my blog header day dreaming?

  6. Sex fiend! Everyone run for the water....Now!

  7. @Anon: Do I know you? Are you related to me? You seem very familiar...

  8. Hmmm Ice on the tongue... I love the pic up there.....

  9. Capable of ... the depth, you know? I don't have the words. But you get the point. :o)
    I just want to rob that header, really. Make a desktop wallpaper out of it or something.

  10. Thanks 27th for your, erm, hmmm I don't seem to have the words either. But you get the point.

    Normally I blog when I'm angry. This time was different, and I like it. I shall no longer keep these sorts of things in the confines of my journal. They shall go up here for all to see.

    Header is all yours, Fluffy Head!