Friday, 14 March 2008

Workers Revolution

Your name is [CENSORED]?

I catch the bus everywhere, except those rare times I can scam a lift off someone. I like to record the racial demographic of the bus. Why? Well, why not? It's something to do and I am actually very interested in how Brisbane's multiculturalism is coming along. Yes 27th, Brisbane, aren't you a smart lil' cookie. Today's bus demographic: 1/2Asian, 1/4White and 1/4 mix of Indian, Middle Eastern and African. The bus driver was Maori. He was cool, had a gold earring and had the radio on very loudly! It was fantastic.

I went to my first Social Sciences in Australia lecture and tutorial class today and it was AWESOME! There's about 230 people in the lecture. We're studying Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber. We watched a Charlie Chaplin film called 'Modern Times' (1939) which was strange and surprisingly very funny. I wonder if it's one youtube... and it is, click here. I can finish watching it now! :D Score! The lecturer was talking about how disconnected people are from one another and from our own histories. She asked us to put our hands up if we we had ancestors from blah blah blah (list of countries) I could put my hand up to French, English, Irish, Scottish, Danish and Spanish. She asked us our Sun signs, turns out there are a lot of Capricorns taking this subject. For the record I'm a Leo. Lots more questions and also it turns out I am living below the Australian poverty line. What an enjoyable realisation that was. The point of all the hand raising was to make us realise how many connections there were between us that we had never even thought of. There were 7 Leos including me and 10 of us live below the poverty line.

In the tutorial I was in the Workers Revolution group and we had to decide what we would do as poor workers who were now in charge of our country. What laws would we make etc. etc. Turns out our ideas were the best she'd ever heard and she's been teaching this class for over a decade. Isn't my group smart :P

I think I prefer Marx to Durkheim, he was more of a 'shout out' guy whereas Durkheim walked along the line of 'let it be'.

Charlie Chaplin, I never use to like him but I'm watching Modern Times as I write this and he freakishly reminds me of my gay friend Michael. Or he would do if Charlie Chaplin was French Vietnamese. Charlie just poured salt all over his food. Gawd. Also, most of the people in my tutorial have a cat and none of us have dogs. The lecturer/tutor was quite surprised and a little weirded out.



  1. Karl Marx? You're being taught to become Communists? What you would do after your revolution? Wow. totally the cool shit. Now, if more of that was done, we would have more people understanding why the things we did and still do in Communist States are the Right Thing to do. Cuba, DPRK, whatever. My country, after the Revolution.

    Me, I don't need to be told I live under the poverty line: I see it, feel it. :o)

    And I'm a Leo. :-\ Not that it matters, anyway.

    My name is a secret. Why d'you ask about `Revence'? Doesn't that sound a tad too French? :o)

  2. Communist? I prefer the term Marxist.
    And I don't know if I want to be communist, I'm quite happy being nothing. I'll think about it though. Do you have anything powerfully compelling to say that may assist my socio-political leaning?

    I know you live on the poverty line. I saw. The only difference between our two rooms is that I have more clothes and a bigger bed, but you have a computer and a prettier kitty. Also you have one room, I have a whole house to wander in. Well, for the next few months I have a whole house to wander in. I'm moving to the slums soon.

    Too French? Would you like to go to France? People keep calling you Rev, I was just wondering why?

  3. PS. Leos do matter. Because we're the best sign! And don't ever say we're not, cause we are. No other sign is quite as good. I'm also a Dragon. I got both the signs that are the most powerful and like to eat people. For people are crunchy and go well with ketchup.

    You're an Ox right? Mmmmm, I feel like beef for dinner. Ohhh 27th, I'm coming to cooooook you with my fiery breath...which sauce would you prefer to be eaten with?

  4. That seems like a great course. Communist ? Marxist? I pick neither, libertarian socialist or anarchism for me! But labels really don't matter to me because your never going to agree 100% with anything.

    what type of ideas did you have in regards to worker's power?

  5. To assist your political leaning ... Well, I'll say guys are sweeter (in all senses) in a Communist setting. :o) That's inspiration enough, no?
    Communist guys just rock. In bed, in kissing, everywhere. ;o)

    Really, did my pictures look that broke? Well, sigh. Oh, by the way, too sorry about your gash in the hand. Hope it heals like soon.

    Also, does `Rev' make you think of `Revence'? Why? Seems to me it should mean more like `Reverend'.

  6. Actually that's quite a lot of inspiration. I feel strangely surprised by how much inspiration that sentence carries.

    Communist guys rock? In bed and kissing? Really? I do love kissing and fucking. Obviously I need to find a hot Communist boy who's willing to teach me his Communist ways in exchange for a good shag.

    The pictures didn't look that broke :) lol. It's just because there's only one room. Where the hell is the bathroom? Thanks for the gash sympathy. They hurt quite a bit and I have bruises all along my right side. They ached so bad I actually had a bath last night in fact I'm going to go have another bath in about three minutes. I'm going to splash around in the hot water and read Purple Hibiscus. My only regret is that I own no rubber ducky.

    Reverend? You're much too young to be a Reverend. If anything I was thinking of Reverence. You want to be revered? Is it Revence though?

    Btw I showed my friend a picture of you, she reckons you are HOT! You can go gloat now. Enjoy.

  7. Well, I wasn't about to show my bathroom and stuff. :o) Way too personal for a blog. But nothing major, anyway.

    Hey, things are always better in a Communist setting. So, by extension, yes, the sex and kissing as well. :o)

    My name ... ah. Complex, long story involving dead people and missing pilgrims and stuff. The kind of story that even the tellers don't know that well.

    And your friends ... wait, there are no pictures of me anywhere. Where did you get that?

  8. Oh, so you do have a bathroom? I didn't know. When you said you lived in the slums I had an image of Britain's Industrial Age slums where people throw dirty water etc. into the streets. I kind of expected there to be a frightening pit latrine and a bucket for washing. You did say slums though. You can't get angry at me for imagining a very very slummy slum! You didn't specify how slummy your slum was! I just imagined the worst.

    The two Communist boys from Balzac and The Little Chinese Seamstress, Luo and Ma, are nice. Sweet and a little sexy.

    Maybe I should just go to China and snag myself a Communist soldier. :P I do like those stars.

    Your name has a long story attached to it? Now I'm intrigued. I hope you know that one day you're going to have to explain it to me. The longer I have to wait the more I'll want to know. My curiosity will probably get me killed one day, like the cat. Insatiable curiosity is my only flaw.

    Fluffy Head, when someone says you're hot you're supposed to accept the compliment and enjoy it. Smile and let your heart pound with pride. What you're not supposed to do is ask me where I got the picture. I'm not going to tell you. You'll only take it away.

  9. Yeah, my particular slum is not that slummy. There are some (pics will be up there, sometime) that are quite that slummy. They are many and depressing. :o( I'll put up the pics, sometime.

    Not to say that I live like a prince or anything ... :o) It's still close to the worst. Heh. :oD

    I'll first let your curiosity like win the war, until you are like really begging, then I'll tell you the whole name thing. :o)

    Okay, I'm hot, thank you, et cetera. ... Merci beaucoup.
    Behold I smile, mine heart poundeth with pride, and I ask: where did you get the pic? :-o

    (I just never know how to react to compliments, and I even piss those who give them, in the end. :o()

  10. *bounces around* More pictures? I must have died and gone to heaven!
    Depressing? Oh well, so long as there are new pictures!

    You live in a slum and I'm guessing we both live under our respective countries poverty lines. Except neither of us have 27 children to feed so we can spend all the money on ourselves. When I compare your room to mine, also taking into account the fact that you live in a slum, it really makes me feel poor. At least we aren't the little African and Australian children who live in the desert with flies in their nostrils. You don't see those kids with their own computer or double bed :P
    We're so rich!

    What kind of begging are we talking here? The kneeling on the ground, hands grasping your trousers, practically crying with the desire to know the story. Or the nearly every hour comments asking you to hurry up and tell me?

    You end up pissing off the people who complimented in the first place? You're one of those people? Teehehehe. Cool.

    Avec plaisir.
    That's a wonderful response. May your heart poundeth with pride, and I reply: Australia is not only full of koalas, it also has contacts too (and the internet).
    How curious are you? As curious as I am about your story?

  11. *bounces around*
    *bounces around more*


    Look, go to rot13 and enter this there:

    erirapr27 tznvy pbz

    Then click "Cypher". That's it. You should be able to figure out the riddle ... ;o)

    Ah, the things we do for spammers! Quick! (Even though I'm sprinting out of here now.)

  12. Now, to reply to your post:

    Yeah, we are rich. There are some people in pretty desperate situations. In fact, the comparison (with me, at least) is even more-profane given the fact that I do it largely out of a kind of desire. For them, it is a necessity.

    The begging ... :o) Nice description. Yeah, literally clinging to me, :o)