Thursday, 13 March 2008

Every Me and Every You

Do you know that song by Placebo? Sometimes you find a song that describes your mood, or in this case your personality. "Someone to bruise and leave behind." - that's me. I'm not the one left behind though, I'm always the one who leaves. Again and again. A trail of broken hearts bleeding behind me. I can't help it, I'm a serial heart breaker. Why do boys fall so hard? Maybe I deceive them by looking small and adorable. Perhaps the sweet look hides the evil too well. I hope I meet my match one day, someone who can hurt me as badly as I can hurt them. Perhaps then I can call a truce with that person, maybe it'll break the cycle.

Speaking of evil, my friends think I am. I'm the cemetery child. The Devil incarnate. They say I'm cold hearted, have no heart, am made of ice or stone. I've even been told I have no soul, though that was by some lady who was trying to get me to convert to some born again faith and I told her I'd rather fuck the Devil.

The cemetery child. Picture a horror movie style thing. There's a young girl standing in the dark, possibly in a cemetery. She has long light hair and cold blue eyes, pretty though, even cute. Until she looks at you and smiles and open her small sweet mouth and as she speaks you can feel your blood turn to ice and every fibre of your being wants to turn around and run for your life. You look into her eyes for just a moment and you know that you're about to die. Well according to my friends I am that girl. Only sometimes though, just sometimes. Apparently sometimes I get a strange look in my eyes or I say something that freaks them out. I don't do it on purpose, it just happens and they're like 'stop it DeTamble! It's really scary!' *rolls eyes* They're such whimps.

Or maybe it's true.

My mum once told me that before I was born she had an extremely intense and realistic dream that I was the Devil. I'd just like to publicly say thank you mummy, for putting me at such ease.

Or maybe I'm completely normal and my friends and my mother's imaginations are just too active and boys hearts are just too easily damaged. Well, alright I am a little cold hearted but I'm not evil. They're just silly.

Now for what I actually had in mind for this post:

People shouldn't be allowed to spray deodorant on the bus! Especially men. Perfume is acceptable but deodorant is not. Why? Because it stinks! I'm sitting 3m away and I can smell it and it's yuck! I couldn't smell you before so obviously you didn't stink before. Spray your deodorant before you get on the bus so it has a chance to subside! STINKFACE!

Simon, you're a nice guy, just with a huge flaw. Desperate begging. I'm so glad you weren't on my bus this morning.

There were three white South Africans on the bus this afternoon. They were oozing white superiority. I just wanted to slog them. Smarmy, pale, rugby short wearing filth. The blond freckly one was the worst. He acted like a snooty little prince, looking down upon everyone else with disdain. You should have heard the conversation! Sexism anyone? All I was thinking was that I wish I was in charge of Australia's immigration because then their visas would never have been approved and they wouldn't have been allowed at my university and I wouldn't have had to have put up with them on my bus.

Also, I have renamed my freckles, I was slightly intoxicated at the time. My freckles are no longer to be called my freckles, they have been re-christened 'my Africa spots'. They're cute too.


  1. Nice new picture up there. :o) Less-mystical than the black-and-white girl pulling on socks (and I wonder where you had got it from) but more-adorable (and I wonder, yet, where you pulled this from).

    Me, I'm always in my evil, cemetery-child mode. At least everyone hesitates to cross my path. :o) Buys me some solitude, which I need.

    On them South Africans. Hmm. I've always felt that the Whites of South Africa were the ones most-hurt by their Apartheid period. Nothing worse than having that kind of condescending attitude that they have. The world gets a lot harder when you are like that, and yet they are all like that. Damaged.

  2. My pictures...I have contacts ;) lol.

    And strangely both pictures look quite like I do.

    You're a cemetery child too? Nice. Maybe we should stand next to each other like the two little girls in The Shining and start inviting people to come play with us. Awww, you scare people so they don't cross your path. Well don't worry I'm not not going to cross your path, in fact I may come bouncing down it demanding to be fed sugarcane and asking to pet your pretty Space!

    Those South Africans are quite strange. Apartheid was the first time I really heard about racism. I thought it was so stupid, not the Apartheid, that was bad, just the racism was stupid. Now you can be areaist, or countryist but racist? What the hell were they thinking. Then they went around basing it on colour. Stupid people. Didn't they know that Caucasians can have black skin too? And that some Negroid are almost as pale as I am. Stupid Apartheid and stupid white South Africans and their dumb laws. They need to be taken down a peg or two!

    Do you have the internet in your home slum room thing with the dirty ledge? You obviously have lots of solitude there, with Space. I showed my friends the pics you posted and they all thought Space was so cute. One of my friends wanted to steal your Space and erm she was also very surprised you had a computer. She thought Africa was full of huts and dirt. She was a little astonished when I explained about cities and that Kampala looks rather like Brisbane did about 30 years ago. I was kind of shocked that she thought Africa was full of huts. I'm sure you wouldn't have been shocked that someone thought that, you're very cynical and you would have been right to. Africa is full of huts and Australia is full of drop bears. Isn't life exciting. How's the hut?

  3. Hey, just updated the other blog...the

    Now lemme read this post.


  4. You have contacts? :-o But Australia has only Koala bears, how can you have e-mail in Australia???

    Heh. I just got tired of that idea of Africa. I screamed about it on my blog. And it doesn't surprise me anymore. :o(

    But you, you only see racism as silly because of your dad being Chinese. You grew up around acceptance of the diversity. Some people aren't that lucky. (By the way, yes, Ugandan Insomniac is nearly as light as Caucasian.)

  5. Awww and you came back to fix it for me. How caring of you. lol