Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Fat Bitch Needs A Heartattack!

I was walking to the bus stop to go to work and I blacked out. Next thing I know I'm centimetres from the ground and so I fling my hands out and kind of commando roll on to my side. Sometimes I black out. I don't know why, it just happens, however this is only the second time I've blacked out and fallen. Well it wasn't really a fall, more of a drop. I lay on my back in the grass for a while and laughed at myself and then I got up and kept walking. I glanced at my palms, they were a little scraped but nothing bad. I could just wash them when I got to work. Walked about 100m and then my palms really started to sting. Looked at them again, properly this time. Eurgh. I wish I hadn't. They'd started bleeding, the skin was torn and hanging off in shreds. Ewww and there was gravel in them. The blood started trickling. So I came home. There's no way I can work with my hands like that.

I got home and called work. They didn't believe me. They thought I was lying to get out of work. The supervisor actually transferred me to the manager, who yelled at me. The fat bitch said I was just trying to get out of work and point blank refused to believe that I hurt myself. Did I mention she was yelling? Then she slammed the phone down on me. I HATE HER!

She's lucky I called in sick. If I had shown up bleeding and useless they aren't allowed to send me home because of the weird laws. SO they would have had to pay me as well as the person they called in to cover my own work. I would probably have walked around for 8 hours putting things back on shelves. ARGH I HATE HER! I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WOULDN'T BELIEVE ME!! SHE'S SUCH A COW! I even wanted to go to work today, for the social aspect, not the work aspect, obviously. Also really need the money. I hope she suffers a fatal heart attack and dies a painful death!

This is the same lady who accused another girl of being a drug addict for being 10min late to work and she also accused the Perishables manager of drug dealing. She made the girl go to the police to get a urine test. She's such a bitch. I can't wait to quit. I've never had to work with such fat backstabbing cow. I want her dead. Anyway I'm off to vote now. I don't even know what this election is for, maybe the council? Or the Mayor? Whatever, I'll pick the best looking one so at least when I have to look at their face on the news every other day I wont gag.

PS. Turns out the fat bitch has already had a heart attack, she's still here though. Grrrr.


  1. Ouch...Sorry about that lil accident.

    And the fat bitch...u shd have gone in late and showed them yo "injuries" and still gotten paid. Then maybe they'd learnt not to yell down the phone line!

    U'll be fine though.


  2. Yeah, actually that's just what my friends told me to do too! :D But I didn't. Instead I sat around at home and picked gravel out of my cuts.

  3. Wrong guess about the passing out.
    my bad.

  4. lol no need to be sorry. I could have been high. Ya never know :P