Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Lego World

Even at a tender age I wanted to rule the world. Lego is God.


  1. Cute. At that age I think I was sending (toy) soldiers to their deaths already. I'm all military, me. :o)

  2. amazing, you're white? and Comrade is your friend? LOL. nanti he's racist like that. but then again you're Australian so maybe you pass the test by not being from the detested America. :)

  3. All this while I thought u were black!!! And I'm not racist.

    U speak so much about Uganda and Gulu and yo blogroll is full of Ugandan bloggers, I could swear I thought u were Ugandan!!!!

    Back to the post...u're pretty. And the Lego thing...how far has it gone with ruling the world?

  4. @27th - Awww. Cute. You know, together we could be the world leaders and destroy America :) It'll be fuuuun ;) Come join me 27th. We can rule together... It'll be sexy.

    @Carlo - Comrade is my friend? Cool. I'm not white! What are you talking about? I'm as tanned as a glass of milk! Haha. Yep, I'm white. White white white :P I glow in the dark! Like a star. Or a ghost. Woooooooh. Wooooooooh. BOO!

    @Cheri - You thought I was black. That's actually pretty cool. Thanks, I'm taking it as a compliment. And you said I was pretty. aww shucks! *little white cheeks turn red with embarrassment*
    Yeah, full of Ugandans, I just really liked all of your blogs! I like Uganda too, I don't know why, it just caught my eye one day and I've been watching it ever since. Plus you guys got them freaky birdies! The Lego ruling world thing, well, it's getting there...soon, one day soon, I'll have you all!! Muwhahahaha.

    Only joking.
    ... *plays imperialist/communist revolutionary/star wars music* :D

  5. Actually yeah, I wonder why he does bother to comment on here. We all know how psychotically racist he is to anything "western". You're right Carlo, must be because I too hate America. We've got a common enemy. Or maybe he just enjoys making me angry by saying khaki. *eye twitches*

    Btw 27th just because I said khaki then don't start thinking it's an invitation for you to bring up that little saga again!

  6. Creeky, it's ...

    But, no. I really want to. *shivers, fails to control it ...* Khak ...
    Okay, I wont.

    @Carlo: Heh, I left room for reason, and it turned out she was only from Brisbane, nothing worse. :o) And also a touch leaning towards the beat-up-America thing, so ...

    Play the Communist music! :o)

  7. loooooooove legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @27th: Khak? Khak? Would you like to buy a vowel? :D

    Only from Brisbane? Are you suggesting that Brisbane is in some way lacking something? You know, when you said you would be watchin' me I didn't realise you'd be keeping such a close eye on your tracker. How do you know I'm from Brisbane? I could have been the red dot from Canberra or Melbourne. Was is just because the red dot over Brisbane was bigger then the other red dots? Or did you work out I was from Brisbane without your red dot tracker?

  9. Oh, Brisbane people are not dangerous. Safe to play with. They won't be attacking your country anytime soon. :o) The only thing about them is that they say "dine-gerous" when they mean "dangerous". But I guess I actually like the Aussie accent subconsciously ...

    I meet many Aussies online, you know. Lots. I placed you in Brisbane after lots of clues, some of which I can't remember. And I thought I could be wrong. But I'm right, right? Right. Yeah, right.

  10. You're such a little stalker! Yes, you're right though, I do live in Brisbane. Can you guess which city I was born in? Let me give you a clue, it's cold and has no well known bridges. You get to wear stockings (which I love) and scarves and gloves and for some reason I suddenly feel like having sex in a cold park at night with the wind howling and leaves blowing all around. For the record I don't say "dine-gerous" it's more like "dane-gerous", like pernille. Skype me if you don't believe me!

  11. Ive never seen those many legos. lol