Friday, 6 June 2008

Bed Time!! Whoooooo!

I am back! I am so back!! I still have some Uni stuff left but nothing pressing!

Did you all miss me?!? Huh? Huh?!? HUH?!?! You better have missed me you bunch of...of...of...erm, bunch of bed owners.

Bed owners? Well I too own a bed, though this past two months I really haven't spend much time in it. Where have I been sleeping? Well, like all good Australian teenagers I sleep pretty much anywhere!

Places I have slept since my blogging slowed:

Park Bench.
In a tree.
On a wall.
Amongst large tree roots.
Under a picnic table.
On a roof.
On a car bonnet, this was a particularly nice one. My friend and I would wake up when we were cold and turn the car on to warm us for a while.
A kitchen bench.
On a dining room table.
Under a desk a Uni.
In a hallway at Uni, with my head resting on a tome entitled The Oxford History of Islam.
Curled up with some friends on a bed.
Curled up with some friends on the floor.
A bus stop.
In a blanket (what a luxury that was) beside my friends bed.

And my all time favourite in a cardboard box. Yes folks, you read that one right. In a cardboard box which some of the homeless people very kindly lent me down by the river.

Normally I wouldn't write this but I know for a fact my mother no longer pops by my blog so I think it's safe to say where I've really been when I say I've been sleeping at my friends houses.

Why have I been sleeping in these places, because, I just have and that's all you need to know.
Oh alright, it's because:
No spare $30 for a cab ride home.
Missed last bus.
Night Rider doesn't run on weekdays.
Have pulled an all nighter at Uni and was napping at about 4am under desks and in hall ways waiting for the first bus out.
And obviously on some occasions I was either too wasted or too tired to bother going home and thought it was just a better idea to sleep where I was. Hence the trees, parks and the wall.

And some one said I'd never survive more than a month in Africa, pfft fuck off! If I can happily sleep in a cardboard box I'm sure I'll be fine in Africa. Oh yes, I'm coming to a BHH before the end of the year. Do you think I can shag a boda driver? They look pretty seedy, reckon they'd be up for it?


  1. no, you are not permitted to use the word seedy.

    i like all my sleeping done in a bed, preferably mine, other than that, meetings just do fine. i have gotten into trouble for the snoring at said meetings though.

    i shall go ahead stereotype and say you shall make a good snack for a lion or some other predator sleeping near the nile or summin, perhaps a hyena?

  2. Gosh, 31337, do u reside on the internet??? U have claimed all the socks?

    U slept on a tree??!! Wow, my mind really is a gutter.

    Lol, boda "drivers" can be shagged by anyone...they NEED.

    Can't wait to see u at BHH but I hope u push it to next year as I'll surely be there at christmas.

  3. @31337: Why can't I use the word seedy? Hmmmm? I would make a good snack for anyone ;-)

    @Cheri: He does reside on the internet! I slept in a the large and welcoming branches of a fig tree and it was fucking awesome!!!! Gutter girl, what the hell were you thinking? :-o

    They need? So in other words if I reached my destination but didn't have any money I could offer them sex instead and they would accept?

    Considering the ridiculously large sum of money it will cost me to just to get there I plan on sticking around for at least a few.
    I'm planning on sleeping in a cardboard box...has anyone got a spare yard I can park my box in?

    Joking! Don't need a yard. But on a serious note what shampoo and conditioner brands are available in Kampala?? And make up! Where's the most expensive shops? Give me girly details!! :-D

  4. A little to early for them girly details, no? :D

  5. There is no time to early! I need lots of time to prepare!!! LOTS!

    So come now. Fill my comments with ridiculous details! C'mon! C'moooon!
    You know you wanna! Now's the time to bitch about not being able to get such and such make up brand! :P

  6. For some reason, my follow-up comments are going to the wrong email ad. Which is why my response is delayed...
    Oh, and you'll have to forgive me for not having a clue about make-up and shit.I'm just starting to lose my tomboy status. :D

  7. are you for real is it true? you really slpet on a tree, wall etc? for real, real?

  8. Yes, we did miss you. And I've never been called a bedowner before. It makes me feel so... well, responsible.

    You'll be absolutely fine in Africa. Shampoo and conditioner - head and shoulders, l'oreal, dark and lovely - the works. What do you use? I could find out for you. Make-up, I haven't a clue, but women are women the world over. I'm sure you can find something useable.

    There is not much in the way of great lingerie, though. I know - I've been trying to get my sexy back and I have looked. Only ONE shop in Uganda had edible underwear. And it was ridiculously expensive and only available during Valentine week.

  9. PetesMomz is trying to get her sexy-back huh!

    Trees, Cupboards...
    What it is!

  10. @ Detamble: that you slept on a tree is sure getting minds wandering. you wanna know why? be nice to Cheri. I'm sure she'll tell you all the details.

  11. Ok, stop bugging us!! And you know who us is don't you? So, my comment in the car, true or false? Come on. 'Fess up.

    Make-up, shampoo and conditioner? Carry your own. All of it. Stock up enough for the six months you'll be here. African complexions might defer from yours so it might be a problem getting the right make-up for you. That's my advice.

  12. By 'bugging' I meant placing an actual bug on someone's person so you can spy on them.

  13. @Sis: Took me ages to lose that tomboy status, it still creeps back from time to time. Like when I'm covered from head to toe in mud and the two boys standing sheepishly behind me are looking decidedly beaten up! :D

    @Lulu: For real. I do odd things.

    @Petesmama: I missed you too! L'Oreal, because I'm worth it *flicks hair* LOL. I never got to use my edible underwear, I got hungry.

    @B2B: I've slept in a suitcase once before.

    @Phantom: I'll make sure she does!!

    @Carlo: I'm going to stock up. I figured it would be nigh impossible for me to get anything for my skin/hair.

    Us. Would that be Dante and You? Or Us as in the people in the car asking awkward questions? Or is that Us certain other nosy bloggers who have formed a DeTamble/Comrade group?

    'Fess up? Hell no! :P Not after Dee was such a useful distraction with the hot dogs.

  14. DeT, what drama is this that I'm feeling decidedly left out of?!

  15. @Princess: Lemme email you. Hang on!

  16. i am sure ur mama would be happy to know that u did an all nighter.even if it was just ONCE. that way, she will reconsider cutting you off. u may need to giv her a link to this post in that case

  17. WOW!!! I bet NO ONE can beat your list