Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Neighbour 'fed siblings of dead twins'

Police found the bodies of the twin boy and girl at a house in Sunnybank Hills, in Brisbane's south, around 7pm (AEST) on Monday.

Post-mortem examinations were to be carried out on the children on Tuesday.

It is understood three older siblings have been taken away by child safety workers to another residence.

A 28-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday, charged with failing to provide the necessities of life.

Neighbour Nyakong Maying told AAP she had lived in the same street as the family for five years and sometimes gave food to the children in the family.

"The youngest boy (a four-year-old boy) comes over here and says `I need something to eat, I'm hungry'," Ms Maying said.

"When they came here about four months ago I give them some snacks or fruit with my children but after that I stopped it."

Ms Maying, who came to Australia from Sudan, said she never saw the parents.

"I never see the mother or the father also, I just see the kids because they come around my house," she said.

Another neighbour, Fiona Ma (Ma), said she had noticed a boy aged three or four who was allowed to run around the neighbourhood unsupervised.

"I feel confused because (the) parents are not attending to him," Ms Ma told AAP.

"He's so young and he just runs in the street."


I hope the parents go to jail! What a horrible thing to do.


  1. sockies!booties! and old schools!

  2. Old school? You always get to work first! What's wrong with you? Sleep in oh Extraordinary and Fantabulous one!

  3. if i thought this post was going to be this depressing, i would not have rushed for the socks! damn! i should leave tandra and intelegensia to their thing...

  4. Oh well, if it makes you feel better I left a cheerful comment for you at GUGs.

  5. tambs, it is genetically impossible for me to sleep past 5:30am! so i get here early, hoping that one day the boss will notice and give me some sort of compensation or other. in cash preferably.

  6. Ewwwww. That. Sucks. But does it help you beat the traffic?

  7. it does. and transport's cheaper.

  8. So you're saying the two children died of hunger? Really sad.

    And this socks, boots thing...I'm an old man- you must give me a heads up..whats up with that?

  9. Yep, died of hunger. Well the actual post-mortem isn't out yet but the kids were being starve nonetheless.

    Socks and Boots. I don't even know myself. I just know Socks is another way of claiming Firsties. I think the boots may have got started because of Communist Socks and Boots. But I'm really grasping at straws here, perhaps someone endowed with real knowledge could help us out? Help? Antipop?

  10. wrong number. i copied it from tandra. ask her. ask her why she is spreading unintelligible things. and yes, i know large words.

  11. that's sad... hasn't been happening here although at one point it was like a weekly thing for a story on the news about a starved child but usually they would be found before they died...

  12. That's really sad. :(
    Those parents deserve more than jail...

    *Err, for a second there, I thought the neighbour was actually eating said twins!

    You and your titles!
    Or is it my interpretations? :P

  13. I'm lost. Read this twice over and still don't get it..

    Don't blame me guys, it's Tuesday and the sun is high and hot!

    Somebody 'splain this for me please.

  14. Lol...Antipop...wrong number.

    I'ma use that one. Please. Thank you!

    ***Ok, I get it. Thanks. All I needed was a glass o water.

  15. @Princess: I do love to fuck with all, just in the titles though...Or maybe it's just you who is a little fucked :P

    @Cheri: You get it? Some parents were starving their children and the baby twins died. Actually apparently the twins were dead in their cot for a whole week and the parents did NOTHING!

  16. Very sad!

    I also got confused by the title at first. I thought the neighbour fed them with twins.

  17. Sigh. Things don't get better do they? I mean, children are being burnt in dorms here, others are starving in AUSTRALIA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Ethiopia would be understandable but . . . no words can explain this.

  18. When life does get tuff, couldn't they just go to a relief joint?
    Sad story!

  19. @Peace: Yeah, title. Muwhahaha!

    @Carlo: Starving isn't all children are doing here, sexual abuse of children is rampant.

    @B2B: Their life wasn't tough, they had jobs and plenty of money, they just didn't care.