Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Got Rice?

I want to write. I want to tell someone what is going on, but half the things are secrets and the other half I don't understand.

I keep too many secrets. I've been writing them down recently and there are a lot. Odd things, little things, big things, I never told. Although I have actually told some, along the way I would tell a person. Just one, maybe two people. Random people. People who don't have a connection to my family. Do they still count as secrets if I have told a person? Are they then shared secrets? See GUG, this is why you think I am open, because I tell things, but it is a trick. If you tell someone something that most people would want to keep a secret then they think you are being honest. And if they think you are honest then they will never think you may be hiding something else, something more important, something that will get you screamed at and hurt.

Talking of shared secrets I made a plan, it's a nice plan, it contains just the right amount of long term complications. I've told some people what it is, well, I've told them little parts of it. Just small bits, I needed some advice plus it keeps them happy, makes them think they're special to be included. But I ommitted something, several things actually, but one really important fact. A really important fact that if this plan doesn't work I could actually be screwed for, well, not life, but a seriously long time!

So here's something that you may know and that my friends and family may not know. Part of my plan included a list of importance, and on that list food came in last. It's an interesting way to lose weight, though I'm not sure I wanted to. I'm not fat but I'm not exactly a stick either. My doctor says I'm the perfect weight. Not for long though. I look in the mirror and I can see my ribs, they don't poke through but I can still see them. And my shoulder blades, I haven't seen them looking that bony since I was eleven. I've lost 4kg in two weeks. I'm a little hungry. I only had $5 left so all I could afford was some rice. Thank goodness I'm going to visit my friend Bee tomorrow night. It's her 21st and we're all going over there to get wasted! And me, I'll be thieving food from her fridge. That's not to say I'm not appreciative of rice, 1cup has lasted me three days but I'm bored. As soon as I get paid again I'm going to buy some peas and tamari (soy sauce) to make the rice more entertaining for my taste buds. And some more rice. There was only that one cup left and it's all gone now, I'm hungry.


  1. @Kakaire: Yes, you got socks. Now take the damn things before I shove them down your throat. And for someone who isn't really blogging at the moment you were damn fast to get here!

  2. boots!
    There's a sinister warning in this post!

  3. I dawdled obviously...
    But DeT, sinister warnings noted and taken!


  5. there is a message in this post somewhere, i am too knackered to try and figure it out.

  6. ok i gotta ask...whats this about "socks" and "boots", if anyone doesn't mind sharing?

  7. oh my God tambles, why is it important to you that i cry this early in the morning? i never read anything so deep...(((((D)))))

    yea. and am aware hugs do not turn into peas, but that is all i have to offer.take it dammit!

  8. my goodness Detamble, if your mother knew about this, she would cry her heart out. i know you want to be independent but you need to get some help. ask your mom or family or even friends for some money...

    i would really feel horrible if i was a friend of yours who could help and yet you are starving.

  9. OMG! u poor mite! imma start a campaign just for u

  10. Tambs dear, whatever you are doing; if you have a plan and a list of priorities and a sense of purpose, then your sacrifices are not in vain. I just hope it is really, really worth it. We don't want you to be too thin and weak to make your visit here.

    Oren_licus: In short, socks are a declaration that you were the first to comment on a fresh point. It's origins are loosely derived from a Ugandan word for first, which is "soka".

    It became modified to "English" as "socks". Then because bloggers are so clever, they emphasise their "firsties" by adding boots, legs and lingerie to the socks. makes little sense, but then few slang derivations do. End of lesson; now go find yourself some socks too.

  11. ((((D)))) You should feel better after telling someone, no matter how fiercely independent you might be. And boy have I been in your shoes a whole number of times! Main reason why I don't ever want to be a student EVER again.

  12. Sis,

    no, he will not like it. In fact he will be positively furious with you. And I am informing him, asap!!!!!!!!

    To hell with you looking out for me. i also look out for me, so shut up and make sure you eat!

  13. Oh,

    in the heat of the moment, wanted to say that I also look out for you. The price of friendship....

  14. Angie seriously, someone needs to do a whole post on the origin of "socks". Detamble make pillao with that rice.

  15. Whoa! I totally get the independence thing but there has to be a limit, ryt? Anyway ((((D)))), ur strong so u'll figure something out & be ok

  16. You are sooo honest :-)

  17. @Antipop: It's important because I'm an evil monstrous child who enjoys inflicting pain upon adorable Ugandan girls at early hours of the morning...If I was a man that could have so many different meanings...THANKS FOR THE PEAS! I actually got some yesterday, so tasty.

    @Sybella: I don't want to alarm her or my friends. It's okay though, I got some free food yesterday. Mmmmm. It was good.

    @Tandra: Campaign? For me? Never heard that one before. Call it 'A Pea For DeTamble' LOL! 'Donate A Pea, Get A Free, Guaranteed Pass To Heaven'

    @Carlo: Eurgh! I totally get that. I hate studying. So poor. Can't even afford a black jumper for work, I is FREEZING!

    @GUG: He will be furious, so don't tell him! He is not to be informed! Anyway, you don't have his number, (though I'll swap you it for yours)and I don't have any airtime left to whine to him. Calm down now, I ate!

    @Kissyfur: Pillao? Okay, I shall look into it. At least this foray into the land of rationed rice is teaching me to Mama would be so proud! :P

    @Dusk: Figured it out, well sort off.

    @Seinlife: Thanks and Welcome.

  18. @PetesMomz
    Thanks for clearing that up!

    You ok?
    About shared secrets... Does seem familiar if you ask me!