Thursday, 19 June 2008

Penny For A Picture?

My ex boyfriend in Denmark's mum had a baby a few weeks ago. I feel obliged to post some pictures! Well, one of her and some of other things, mainly because I'm feeling very homesick for Danelania! I don't know her name yet, she hasn't been Christened so she has no name officially. I think it is Julie though, born May 22nd.

I am happy to report that Aalborg Burger King, that's Hungry Jacks to the rest of my Australian horde, have the best burgers of any fast food joint I have ever been to! And you get tomato sauce in little paper cups! HEAVEN!

Danes have strange houses. Nice, but strange. And POTATOES! Oh dear god! I had enough damn potatoes to last me to kingdom come! I could have drowned in the fucking things!

WildeYearnings: Going pink like this is not something I have ever done, even though I live in what equates to a sunny oven. Though I have shaved my head before just like this boy here.

And since I'm posting photos, here's a nice Australian one.

Now! Go Get The Fuck Back To Work!


  1. Somebody take these socks. I don't want them.

  2. Do these socks wearers not have to comment on posts since they are too busy wiping sweaty body parts?

    now Tambles, why are you showing us strange looking semi nude dudes who look like they had an altercation with a can of hot pink paint?

  3. dude in green shades, i know him. well, i know some one who looks exactly like him, from Adelaide...

  4. DeT, u post thrice in once a day? Man, what are u drinking?

    So who is the ex then????

    That dude carrying a cat, has Rev seen that?

    -Miss Cheri

  5. @Kakaire: You don't want socks? What the fuck is wrong with you?

    @Hunky3: Socks, tube socks, sex with tube sock, that's what they doing.

    @Phoebe: Adelaide? Are you from Adelaide too?

    @Cheri: Thrice. Not drinking. Almost broke my nose the other day, still hurtin, WAAAAH!!! :-(
    Dude carrying the cat is called Johannes and no that isn't my ex. I haven't posted a picture of my ex. But the Thai girl is my ex's new girlfriend, her name is Dear. Ain't she pretty!! She's so nice too, makes me look like a TOTAL BITCH! I really like her though.
    Rev ain't seen it...shall I show him? How about I strip for him via webcam? Think that will make him happy? :P

  6. Hehehe at Kakaire!

    That last pic is off the hinges!

  7. No comment.

    Except, the pink one, kind o' looks cute, doesnt he?


  8. I wish I was the cat in Mr. Pinks arms.

  9. You could have just posted a clearer pic of yourself [dressed! please!] :P

  10. I 'ave to agree...burgr king is the best!

  11. This is the longest u've taken without posting.

    Is err'thing alright?