Thursday, 26 June 2008

Lack of Sex Scenes on SBS Is Like Being In Hell

You'll all be so proud of me! I scammed food off my friends and I didn't even have to tell them. Ahhhhh, the joys of having rich friends. One of them even has a pool... :D

Megs bought me a Hot Chocolate with a shot of Hazelnut from Starbucks in return for me being her make up model last night. In other words I sat on a chair while she put Napoleon make up on me for her exam, she's becoming a makeup artist. It was cool! I love green eyeshadow! And then I went to Bee's inercity apartment, I love it there! It was her 21st birthday celebration. I ate fairy bread (my favourite), chips, soft drink, snakes (lollies), freckles (chocolates with hundreds and thousands), crackers and coffee. And then she went to sleep at about 1am after we watched a Finish movie on SBS! I was so dissapointed, there was no sex scene! SBS, NOT FUCKING COOL! How dare you show a movie with no sex scene! I was counting on you for some breasts! Bunch of SBS wankers, if I wasn't so lazy I'd write you a damn letter of complaint!!!!!!!!!! So Neran, her boyfriend and I ran around the apartment picking up rubbish and the rest of the crackers and leant out her balcony window and threw things into the street, from the 24th floor. It was hilarious and afterwards we ran down and picked up some more rubbish off the street, since we'd run out of our own, and went back up and threw it all down again. We were aiming for people, cars and trying in vain to get some of it in the pool. No luck with the pool, but nevermind. And when I was leaving there this morning I pinched a packet of noodles, so I'm all set for breakfast :-)

Today, I'm going to have my first Laser Hair Removal appointment. If you can guess where I'm getting it done I'll even post and tell you if it hurt. Here's a hint, 'I like looking like a 12 year old'.


  1. first i nab the socks, then pull them on as i go read the post

  2. you got drunk on food and started pelting people with trash? gal, i am sooo proud of you. very very civilised.

  3. Just hope you are feeling ok DeTambs..

  4. [sulk, sulk, sulk]

    I told you not to do that!!!! Starving yourself...

    Silly dare, I know where you are removing the hair from. You like looking like a 12 year old? All the time?

    Me, I like telling my partner to remove it for me. Is soooooo cuuutttttteeee and nice. I would never want it done permanently! I want to do it now and again, just to have his hands run all over me...

  5. @Antipop: What are you wearing tonight? Everyone take cameras!!!

    @Antipop: Haha. VERY civilised! Never underestimate Western teenagers ability to reach ever higher levels of childish immaturity.

    @Mr. B2B: Yeah I'm actually really good at the moment, hungry, but other than that I'm happy and entertained.

    @Bro: Well, well, well. I know that's what you said BUT I'm in charge over here and anyway, don't worry. I sorted out tomorrow's food. I'm going to visit T, he's always got food. I'm hoping he'll have some sudsa.

    Which dare are you talking about? I participate in many.

    Not all the time, but most of the time. I just like it bare, paedophiles dream.

    So does he shave it or wax it? I want it done permanently! Naked! In every way.

  6. lol @ det... naked in every way... lol

  7. sounds like you had a blast, now you are about to have a blast in the more...private areas? why on earth? the fuzz should not be fazed. no? did not work? ah well.

  8. You make me laugh- in a nice way. Uhm... I hope you know that once you go the brazil way- there's no turning back? Good on you I say.

    No sex scenes huh? Story of my life.

  9. We didnt skive rice for this did we? I dont hear any guys complaining, have I been lied to that guys actually like it? perhaps that explains my dry spell.

  10. How come I have never seen this Photo, can I have it mailed me me please please please please. Its the coolest photo I have seen this year. And I am on fire and hating on it but I love it.

  11. I know where the hair removal is gonna be at...but I wont say now.

    Waiting for the picture.

  12. 12yr old's and soft porn are a dangerous combination - let's stick to throwing crap out windows...:-)

  13. i smell a rat... you don't have money for food but can pay for laser hair rumoval? or is it catered for by insurance?

  14. Sybella, you and I think alike! Laser hair removal as opposed to food? Maybe you need rehab.

  15. @31337: It's my fuzz, I can faze it if I want :P

    @WildeY: I've been that way for a couple of years, I know there is NO GOING BACK! :D

    @Kissyfur: No, didn't skive for this, it was actually paid for by my friend, gift certificate and also I think she just wanted me to be in pain :P Actually some guys don't like it, so I just won't be sleeping with them.

    @Chanel: You mean my header photo?

    @Cheri: HAHA! Why don't I just show you in December, live!

    @Seinlife: I can do both and still throw crap out windows ;-)

    @Sybella: It was catered for by my sensually rich friend. I also steal food of this friend.

    @Carlo: Sheesh! I'm not that shallow! Okay, yes I am, but not this time.