Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I love my Uni!!

I'm in the computer room at Uni right this second eavesdropping into a conversation between 4 Zim girls, it's the weirdest fucking convo I think I've ever heard.

They're in the early to mid 20s and they're saying they need to find a little brother to get married to. Like a 17yr old and one girl is asking another girl how old her younger brother is and how long he has been in Australia for. He's only 16, apparently that is too young though. I don't really see much difference between a 17yr old boy and a 16yr old boy...

Some girl is dating a 28yr old but she said she wants a younger boy cause they're easier (I don't understand that).

This is fucking hilarious!!

Also THIS is so damn true! Alright, so I don't know if this would really make White people love you but I do know that any guy I date should totally be up for playing stupid games like that. I love playing Tag and Hide-and-Seek. And god I haven't played Red Rover in fucking forever!! I forgot how much fun it is!!

I WANT TO PLAY RED ROVER!!!! Come play with me! It'll be fuuuuuuuuuun!!!!


  1. if you show me how, i with you? :-D

  2. Just what the hell is Red Rover, dear?

  3. I also want a 14 year old... Just commenting

  4. Lol...mineis like 3 months younger than I am...does that count?

    But lemme can I play with u?

  5. @27th: I'm too lazy.

    @31337: I'll show you! :-D

    @Princess: It's this awesome game!

    @Silent: Me, I want a 16yr old school boy, complete in Marist College Ashgrove uniform!

    @Cheri: I guess it counts...sorta.
    Hell yes you can play! With those long toothpicks you could probably out run us all!