Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Rest In Peace Little Ones

Just thought I'd add that it turns out the twins, 18 month olds, were dead for 9 days in their crib before the eldest sibling, 11, noticed a bad smell coming from the room. One weighed 4kg and the other even less, they starved to death. They were a little on the decomposed side...

The mother said in court "maybe I should have fed them more". Ha! No kidding!


On another note I just did something rather insane. Much more insane than normal. I'm not going to tell you because you'll all think I'm an idiot, more than you already do. All I can say is I hope to fuck this works! Otherwise I am oh-so-screwed!


  1. Today I'm on a socks roll!!!!

    Is it a public holiday is UG, Where is Tandra, 31337 or B2B?


    Miss Cheri

  2. Maybe this wasn't a good post to celebrate socks on.

    I'm sorry. Keep the broom away Det, I will gladly take myself home.

    That story get's worse by the day. why couldn't she have put them up for adoption if she love them enough to look after them?

    It's a sick SICK world.

    -Miss Cheri

  3. Now what did u do Madame? Quit having us on tentahooks...

  4. @Cheri: No, socks is good! Sucks for the kids but well...these things do happen. Let's ignore it and get on with the happy Sockness!

  5. *sing song voice* I'll neyvah tell...

    Well, if you can guess and NO PRINCESS, NO REV! You may not help them with little hints! They's got to guess by themselves!

  6. I have no words for the cruelty of those children's mother. But on a happier note, if I promise to sleep with Rev you think he'll tell me? Don't know what I can offer Princess or GUG who I'm sure also knows.
    You got a ticket to Uganda?

  7. @Carlo: I think if you slept with Rev he might die, you have any idea just how hot you are?

    Haha no! Not got a ticket yet, I'll buy it in a couple of months, just waiting for my tax return :-) Me gonna go visit sponsored Baby, which reminds me, I need to write her another letter, been a while.

  8. Sweetie, hold onto that ticket till Christmas time when I'll be there. Please.

  9. @Cheri: Don't you worry, just bring that Chappelle DVD and life shall be sweet and filled with petals. I'll be there for Christmas! I'm getting an open ticket, I'll be there until I've completely run out of money and am starving in the streets.

  10. cheri, you have knickers? i thought you left home this morning commando mode?

    and no its not a public holiday. i was kinda preoccupied with this thing oft known as work....

  11. "i guess i should have fed the more.if only i could have taken time off the cock(for cocaine) to get to the grocery store and maybe stopped getting them loaded on some of tghe cock too..." effing too late to lament cockwhore

  12. yes i am mad. mad enough to get all the spellings incorrect above.

  13. 'maybe i should have fed them more'!... WTF!

    that's what she had to say in her defense?! if i had been there, probably would have grabbed the closest object that would inflict the most pain and pounded her with all the kikiga power i could master till someone got me off her!

    yes, that has seriously ticked me off!

  14. Why'd they even have more than one kid?!
    *I'm censoring the expletives I'm sputtering over the keyboard...

    And no, sis, I wouldn't tell. :D