Monday, 23 June 2008

Cheri and The BHH

@Cheri: I guess things are alright, I dunno, I can't really work out if they are or not :-|

BHH! You lucky snobby nosed people who are going, TAKE SOME DAMN PICTURES! Specifically of Antipop....and Carlo, we want more of kuchu Ivan.


  1. One picture! ONE and I have to carry this dumb cross! UGH

  2. now now detamble. why? now u r going to make me go all out and maybe borrow clothes and shit! damn you.

  3. Ivan is called Kuchu? Lol

    Serious lolling.

    Good to know u're doing well.

    -Miss Cheri

  4. @Ivan: We still love you.

    @The Fabulous, Hot, Amazing, Extraordinary Girl: You don't need to go out borrowing clothes and such, I don't mind if you have no clothes ;-)

    @Princess: I have no idea. If you go, do you own a camera?

    @Cheri: Ivan is called Kuchu, or at least he is now. WHAT? Go blame Carlo! She's the one who posted that pic of him...yeh I'm okay. I'm freaked out about my current financial situation but other than that I'm reasonably okay. Just tired. Really tired. Going to kill myself, anything to be able to get a good nights sleep.

  5. Why on earth are you tired?!

    I is needing an update on your life, sis! Like pronto!

  6. Don't know if I'm going. Apparently I have to take my lil' sis and my brat cousins out ice skating that same evening. But I'll pass by with my camera unnoticed and take pics of the new kuchu in the crowd. :-D