Thursday, 19 June 2008

Fuel Watch

I keeping hearing that Australians swear, a lot. I didn't really think this was true because I hear other people from other countries swearing too. But I've just seen a new ad on TV, it's an ad from a leading political group in Australia. Maybe we do swear more, or maybe it's just more socially acceptable because even our politicians swear, on TV, in interviews, every day.

Watch the ad, it only goes for 30 seconds, so if you click now, it should be done by lunch time.
Tell me, do your government ads swear too? Also note, we don't beep swear words on TV, the beeping on these words is done as a joke.



  1. i shall reserve my comments till after i watch the commercial, or not, i hear lots of swearing. :-)

    oh. came running for the knickers cheri left here yesterday. come on, where are they Tambles?

  2. @31337: When I'm done sniffing them you can have your turn.

  3. i was sooo sure i had boots! guess i shda been here before hunky 3!

    De..i dont think i have seen a govt ad (either that or it made no impact clearly). And the peeps generally dont swear, they just call each other stupid, uncouth and uneducated or something, question where you were born and what not.

    Actually i dont think it has occured to them to swear...hmmmmmm.. tis not polite and what not.

  4. i wil not watch the clip. and thats that. okay fine. my computer does not have speakers. thats a lie too. i jst dont have earphones.

  5. lol... the thought of our politicians swearing with their heavy accents is just so amusing...

  6. @SexyAntipop: Excuses, excuses!

    @Sybella: Any African swearing is amusing :P

  7. hhmm...interesting blog!